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Thread: Basically for girls

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    Default Basically for girls

    so heres a question...... for ya girls do you ever wear your diapers with your period???

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    I hate the thought of pads, and I refuse to wear one. A diaper would be like a big pad. & to answer your question, yes, I have.

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    just wondering thats all
    question that came across my mind the other day when my "friend" came

    so do you mind me asking how to get a pic on ur profile?
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    i hate pads too i was just wondering thats all.....

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    Oh wow, hate for pads? I feel like a minority! Hahaha. Ahem-
    Erm, well, I haven't worn diapers for periods yet, but I have worn disposable panties just for that. I've never really tried any it's always been pads for me, and disposable panties works tons better than a pad for that. So yar.

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    Yeah I did the whole disposable panty thing specifically when that time of the month rolled around, but that was years ago. I haven't worn a pad in at least 2 years, I hate hate them, I feel dirty.

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    i bet all the guys are loving this interesting conversation about pads....

    i never did the disposable panty.. tampons all the way =P

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    Yeah totally...I always wear a diaper when I have my super heavy periods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Yeah totally...I always wear a diaper when I have my super heavy periods

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