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Thread: Ayumi's Introduction~

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    Red face Ayumi's Introduction~

    Um.. Hello, everyone. :#3
    I'm still kind of new here. I signed up a while back, but I couldn't find anything to say in a thread. I only read a couple of them for a few days and now I'm going to go ahead and post an introduction.

    Well, my name is Ayumi. I've been wearing diapers for 12 years and I do not mind them as much as I used to. My hobbies are.. Uhm, well, I play games in my spare time, I play the guitar and drums and I sometimes watch anime if I get the chance. I LOVE cute things. :3

    I came to this site because I enjoy reading the threads that are posted. I like to learn from experiences. I hope I can find something to post, also! Hehe. I'm happy to be a part of the site!

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    Hey there Ayumi, welcome to finally posting on the site I guess =p. I can understand not posting a lot though, personally I find about 1 or 2 threads a day that I can really think of something to say about them, so yeah it can be a challenge at times.

    That is good that wearing doesn't bother you as much as it did, though since your profile says IC, I'm guessing it isn't by choice (and rather not have to get used to wearing to begin with). But outside of that, what games do you like to play? Do you have any favorite genres? Is it mostly video games or mostly board games, or a mix? If you don't mind the inquisitiveness. How long have you played the guitar and/or drums? How good do you think you are at that? Personally I loved playing drums but was pretty bad at it and haven't really practiced in forever xD.

    Hopefully you can find something to post time to time, always good to be involved =P. Don't feel too shy about posting (not that it may be an issue, but just in case). If you want to read, and haven't already, there a few links that can be useful at least:
    (can't see too much else that needs to be mentioned, though can always just check out the article section if ever bored and nothing interesting to read on the forums =P)

    Hope you enjoy your time at the site.

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    Welcome to ADISC I would ask you some questions however the poster above me stole all of them :P

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    welcome i play guitar too XD what type do you use?

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    Definitely agree with maxipoo Welcome to Adisc, I hope you have a good time here ^^
    As for drums/guitar, I play percussion (in my school's band) and I love it! What about you, when/why do you play and is it fun?
    For me, I do play for fun at home (ocarina, piano, (a little) and sometimes percussion) just cause I can.

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