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Thread: Where do you buy most of your diapers?

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    Default Where do you buy most of your diapers?

    Most diaper wearing people have a favorite place they buy their diapers. Do you buy for convience, price, or quality? There are so many places I shop for diapers including Amazon, thrift stores, and yes even Walmart. Sometimes I checkout the medical supply stores.

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    Mostly, because they are fair, fast and reliable, and they have my favorite diapers, the Dry 24/7s at a decent price. Sometimes I also hit up Walgreens or Walmart for some Depends when the mood strikes.

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    Mostly online because of what you can get online. I really like thrift stores, but those are hit or miss. I shop at target for goodnites because they are cheapest there. I also shop at medical stores from time to time, but I always feel awkward at those stores because they are small and I know the workers are watching me.

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    stores? yeah in your dreams, i know a guy who buys it and sells it to me.

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    XP Medical and North Shore Care, both are reliable and descreet.

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    I get my normal diapers from all the stores here just sell Depends except a place called medical house that sells prevail.

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    Being the UK I get my nappies online. I wouldn't buy from anyone (I research the company a bit first), but mainly I just decide what I want to buy and go with whoever's cheapest!

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    I buy mine from XPmedical. However, I have bought CVS brand, Goodnites, Attends, and *shudder* Depends from local stores.

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    I can't order online yet, but I get my diapers from Walgreen.

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