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    Default Boots Staydry.

    Well, Lidl finally let me down by not re-stocking any more of their Lille Nappies, which is a shame considering they we're actually good value and quite good nappies too. 28 for 9.99.

    Last week, I went to see if they were still selling them. I knew they were not going to re-stock them and I knew it was only a matter of time before my supply would dry up. When I found out they weren't, I started looking at other shops that would sell decent nappies.

    Well I went into Boots today and found their Staydry type of nappy. I bought a pack for around 7.30 odd or something near that for 10, which is more expensive than the Lidl ones but right now, anything would do.

    I'm sitting in one right now and I can't believe how similar both nappies are. Apart from less material on the sides of the boots one and only one tape on each side, I can't really see much difference. They did sell Depends too but I havent heard good reviews about them but I may try them out sometime.

    I did see my local pharmacy store selling Tena Slip Nappies which I am aiming to get next.

    What do people think of the Staydrys? I personally think they're alright.

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    I have a history of unwanted leaks from Boots stay dry nappies - but that was a long while ago - I have noticed over the years they change the specification of the product- but keep the same name. I think the Tena Slip would be worth trying as I use them and find them very effective - but do go for the ones with high absorbency. You might have to shop around for these and they are more expensive (less in a pack). I reckon to pay about 85p per nappy if I buy one pack on line, but this drops to about 65p if I buy a case of 3 packs. Lots of suppliers - like Age Concern and ebay sellers sell a generic nappy at varying prices so it is worth shopping around.

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    The old Boots ones were piss poor (pun intended!) but the new ones do carry the Attends branding so should be better, although I haven't tried them.

    Tena Slips are good though, if they're easily available then worth getting hold of some.

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    I haven't bought these for years because i get my supplies from the nhs but like others i would say the old ones were very useless and not worth the money. I would try the newer attends made ones with curosity

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    do they still have one band that goes around, with velcro in the end, and how are they size, i found when i had them were too big

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    Quote Originally Posted by norfolkrider View Post
    do they still have one band that goes around, with velcro in the end, and how are they size, i found when i had them were too big
    The problem is that they are one-size and therefoee for me, 33" waist, they are FAR too big as they go up to something like a 49" waist! At the same time I found that they were not long enough and didn't really fit far enough up on the waist. But better than nothing if need to buy on the high street

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    is it possible for you to get some kind of photo up on here

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