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Thread: Planning a big online diaper order but I am getting scared

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    Default Planning a big online diaper order but I am getting scared

    Well I am getting ready for a huge diaper order and I am starting to have second thoughts. I am planning to get 8 packs basically one of each of these, Pull-On Absorbent Underwear Adult Diapers (yes they are pull ups and not diapers and yes there are only 6 packs shown but the Prevail and the Depends brands have different types that are more like diapers and not pull ups). there are a few things making me start to panic some. One thing is the price, with shipping it well be just over $160. I have been saving up for it and they well last me a while so I can afford it so that is not much of an issue it is just so much money at one. A bigger problem is the shipping. The company does ship very discreetly but I am wired about my college/ friends (I live in college dorms) wondering what is what is going to be 2 big boxes. I do have an excuse for it but it is flimsy (saying it is new bedding and some cloths). Then the last problem is hiding my new diapers. I only have room to hide 6 packs 7 if I am lucky (ya I know not smart ordering 8 packs with only room for 6) and I am going to order 8 packs (I need enough to last me summer break and then some) as I am typing this out I am less panicked but at the same time still very scared at the same time.

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    If the order comes in a brown box you should not have to worry. Just call the supplier to be sure. Good Luck

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    Do you have a car, or a trusted friends you can store the big boxes at, and slowly with your backpack transfer them inside? Perhaps the post office will let you take one box at a time (never hurts to ask). I know some colleges have lockers which you can rent. I'm going to rent one myself and place some of mine in a reusable shopping bag with some books/clothes on top to hide it. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I know many others have posted about northshore and they say very discreet shipping. (btw a pull-up style is still a form of a diaper, just a different method so no worries with us, your friends at adisc.)
    P.S. let us know which one is your favorite and why. (unless it's all of them, lol.)
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    I understand the problem - it is surprising just how much space a pack of nappies can occupy. The other question I have is "Are you sure theses are what you want/need"? I got caught out by a special offer once and had to use about 85 of the most uncomfortable and leak prone nappies I have ever come across. I guess all the makes you mention will send sampled to help with getting the size right et. if you are not fully familiar with the product.

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    @funseeker, it is not how it is shipped that worries me, it is the questioning of what is in the box that I am nervous about
    @shortyerf, I do have a car but I can put them in there because I have a lot of friends in my car and we go around town and with it being SUV style car you can see what is in the back and I don’t want people to ask what is in the boxes well driving around. As for the how the mail gets to me is a little more complex than a post office. The package is delivered to the schools main mail room and a day later after the school records the label it is transferred to the dorms mail room where the label is recorded again and then a slip is put in my mail box to pick it up from one of the RAs (resident assistant). The thing is all the RAs are my friends. (and yes I well wright a review of each)
    @dayannight, I may not need them all at once but I do wish to have them for one to have a good verity at any time I need enough to last me during spring break from school, seeing the only time I can order diapers online is well I am at school (at home I never get packages so my parents end up opining my packages, the few I get by mistake)

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    if you want something decent and for the same price you should go for a actual diaper and not the pull ups, especially the depends and select ones Ive tried them nothing but leaks. I know for the same price about $160 maby a little more you can get 2 cases of abena M3's with free and discrete shipping from XP medical I have ordered from north-shore care a couple times and although the shipping box is discrete the packaging seems flimsy. if you don't have the room to store everything don't order everything at 1 time or get one of those footlocker things to store the extras in.

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    You lost me at $160. To each their own, but personally, I've made it a point to have this hobby have as little of a monetary impact on me as possible(save for maybe one time purchases[I do plan on investing in some cloth diapers and footie pjs at some point]). I can kind of get the whole "variety" idea, but I don't know if 8 packs, especially at once, is a good idea. Just as a side not, have you checked for those diapers on Amazon? In my experience, Super Saver shipping can really save you a chunk of change if you can manage it and its discrete. On top of that the package says its from Amazon so no one would guess just by seeing the package. It could be anything.

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    @woofcub, i dont remember if i said above and i am to lazy at the moment to look up but i cant get actual diapers at the moment because of how i wear them. i wear 24/7 but i only use 2 times a week. so having a diaper on with tabs would he hard because then it is eather take it off and wast it or use it and i just cant use that them that much because i have a roomate i dont like and dont trust at all. and yes i do know depends SUCK, i have tried them in the past just not there new new ones. as for room i think i have found room to fit all the ones i want to get but it well be very close.

    @DSquared895 i know $160 is alot to get at once but that is what i like doing. i get scared alot when ording so i just order once every now and then and it is not so bad. and thanks for the advice on about amazon but i did check and the ones shiped by amazon cost more then from north-shore unless i get them from a seller on amazon that is not shiped by amazon so the chance that it comes from a company that well say somthing about diapers on the box goes up.

    i do thank you all for the advice but i think i have my mind made up for what i am going to get and from where (today was not a good day for me making me depressed so i just dont care much about anything at the moment but i should feel better in the morning)

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    Dear Kitty3,

    I have been through this exact same situation. Lucky for me my room is in the basement of our small home. I have big boxes of AB/DL diapers stashed under my desk in boxes. I also have them packed in my dresser drawers. I would just label the boxes as "books". Take them out as needed and reseal the box with packing tape.

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    For supreme absorbency, try Bambino Diapers. You really can wet again and again. Its amazing. For true comfort I suggest AB Universe. I haven't wet one yet but its in today's plans while shopping. I'll give an update on the absorbency of AB Universe Cushies soon enough.

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    Bambino Diapers never leak. They are AB/DL designed and super absorbent. I drank a lot of water and my Bambino Classico held every drop! What a rush. No leaks.

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    @cushiebabe, that is what i well probably end up doing is leaving most of them in a box, as for bambions all there diapers are just secure x plus with the prive over in flated because of the baby disigns on them. and as i belve i mentioned before i cant go full diaper i have to stick with pull ups, mainly to avoid the crinkle but to also be able to pull them down and use the potty most of the week. as for abuniverse, i have tried there sample pack and i do love there diapers but for reasons above i just cant get them.

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    well guess what, i did it. i ordered all 8 packs i wanted and a good thing to seeing i am now down to only 4. i am still scared but i think it should be fine. now the real suspence is waiting for the boxes to come because i know they well come in atleast 2 boxes. oh and guess what as well. i found a place to hide them all. i managed to get another duffle bag witch brings up my storage area to 9 bags, so i am all good with that now and i am happy.

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