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Thread: Same nappy/diaper or variety?

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    Default Same nappy/diaper or variety?

    Just wondering, how many people like to wear the same kind of nappy all the time, and how many prefer variety - either different ones being more convenient for certain situations (in bed, extended wear, out in public) or just a case of "what do I feel like wearing today" in terms of nappies the same way as you would with other items of clothing?

    I definitely prefer to have a few different kinds in. Tenas, Abenas, the Lidl ones (lighter Attends clone) - all have their different advantages. But what do others think?

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    I voted "Mostly one kind but occasionally something else" as I almost always wear Goodnites (well, Drynites) apart from some occasions like extended wear (longer trips, evenings I know I won't easily have the possibility to change, ...). On these occasions, I wear Tena Slip Plus or Maxi.

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    When I find a brand/style that works for me, I stick with it. Sometimes if I'm feeling adventurous I'll try something new, but usually I stick with what I already like.

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    I have wanted to find a stable diaper for quite a while which I would wear almost exclusively but have yet to find the perfect one. My mood changes so often and I don't wear more than a couple times a week. If I ever start wearing more often then I'm sure I'll decide on the best diaper. It will likely be Abena m3 cloth backed for daytime and tranquility ATN with booster at night. For now however, I don't mind having 10+ diapers to choose from at any given time.

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    I use 2 type of diapers only
    for day time diapering: attends w/ with the waste bands
    for night time diapering: Wellness

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    I like to mix it up, if I wear the same kind too many nites in a row I get marks or sores where their tight. Different brands ride in different spots and avoid such isues. I have about a dozen different ones in the house and 4 I use the most.

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    Even with wearing cloth, I wear two types of cloth diapers. For night I wear night weight gauze, and if I change in the early morning, I wear night weight gauze. The plastic pants may change. At night I wear Leakmaster high tops, but during the day I may wear regular sizes with baby designs.

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    I like to try different ones, but after one package I usually stop buying them unless they have something very positive going for them (very cheap, very absorbent, awesome fit etc.). Usually, I end up buying Tena Maxis and Molicares most of the time because they're comparatively cheap and easy to come by, and I've gotten used to them. I can judge their performance so I don't get surprise leaks or waste half the diaper, I know how to tape them up etc.

    That said, I should place another order for 3 or 4 packages of different brands I haven't tried yet. You can always discover something new!


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    Abena M4s have kinda stuck with me, but every so often...

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    Most of the time I'm diapered it's in a girl's Goodnite with a Pampers or Luvs liner.

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