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Thread: favouite film

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    Default favouite film

    whats your all time favourite film mine is the first alien by ridley scott

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    I'd have to say my favorite film is The Matrix. That movie blew my mind over and over.

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    I would go with The Shawshank Redemption. I saw it as a kid and didn't really understand it, but as an adult I can fully appreciate it's complexity.

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    I don't think I would ever be able to pick just one. in my opinion, if you only have one, you haven't seen enough films! but I could give a short list of some of my favorites, in no particular order:

    द दार्जिलिंग लिमिटेड (The Darjeeling Limited)
    रोड, मूवी (Road, Movie)
    Mi đu đủ xanh (The Scent of Green Papaya)
    ノルウェイの森 (Norwegian Wood)
    내머리속의지우개 (A Moment to Remember)
    김씨표류기 (Castaway on the Moon)
    サヨナライツカ (Sayonara Itsuka)
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    An Everlasting Piece
    Fish Tank
    不再讓你孤單 Mei Li Ren Sheng (A Beautiful Life)
    Cadillac Records
    देहली बेली (Delhi Belly)

    the one of these that I've seen the most is Cadillac Records, so I guess you could say thats my 'favourite' by default.

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    Clockwork Orange, Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, I cant decide...Ask again in about 70 years ^^

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    I don't really have one, but in terms of movies I've watched the most its probably between Donnie Darko, Lion King, and Memento

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    Midnight Cowboy, Spirited Away, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So many movies so little time

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    We Were Soldiers. (When I saw The Matrix at the theater after the movie ended I got up, bought a ticket to the very next showing and watched it again... totally amazed both times!)

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    Probably The Lord of the Rings

    Great Films. I also read the books, and I just love the W\world Tolkien created. The movies brought that to life and I really enjoy them. I literally cannot wait for the Hobbit

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