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Thread: melatonin cycling, circadian rhythems and intentional sleepwetting... damn..

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    Default melatonin cycling, circadian rhythems and intentional sleepwetting... damn..

    well, essentially the only time i can go around padded is at night, and nothing would be better than to wake up wet without conciously doing it, this might be quite a challange to be something to turn on and off when u like

    and heres the reason. i have found that as you prepare to slep, your body starts to produce antidiuretic hormone , this prevents your kidneys from making urine.
    and cortisol, a hormone that facilitates the release and making of urine is redused as the night goes on,
    the main methods of producing lots of urination, like caffine, have the problem of keeping you awake,

    it seems very had to intentionally override our antidiuretic processs without disrupting our sleep pattern,

    one old diaper story spoke of diuretic, sleping pill and muscle relaxant. one creates urine, and the others serve to try and inibit the bodys respose to wakeup when a bladder is full..
    this is a tempting proposition but being a story, its not neccesarily going to work, and i am avoiding pharmaceuticals here at all costs
    natural, safe methods are what im looking for here
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    The meds are not the best idea as far as I am concerned. Anything natural like a lot of water and cranberry juice may help. Coffee and tea before bed can onlu keep me awake.

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    Abusing drugs can go wrong in a long list of ways.

    Practice is the only simple answer; simply wearing and wetting as close to asleep as you can. Try various simple ways to produce night urine, such as watermelon, bedwetting tea, etc. and find one that works for you.

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