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Thread: Medical/diaper question thank god it's not cancer

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    Default Medical/diaper question thank god it's not cancer

    First of all a have dyslexia and an anxiety disorder so I am very nervous about even posting on here, so forgive me for any mistakes I may type and please be nice. 20 years ago (age 20) I found a cysts in my right testicle and I have never had a problem with it until now, and was look st and check over ever check up. About 3 to 4 months ago I start having minor pain which turned into a crippling pain, but only when I sleep or sit in a car for a long time. I drive about 4-5 ever couple of days for work and the drive be so uncomfortable I have to stop get out and walk a while until I feel ok again. I thought I was cancer and went to numerous doctors to try and find out what was going on. It is not cancer and I was put on an antibiotic and some ibuprofen which has done almost nothing. Some days are better than others but the doctors said ill just have to learn how to live with this. They suggested briefs which has not helped or done very little at best.

    I will wear a diaper to bed just about once a week and if I am way in a hotel I always wear one while I sleep. I start to notice I felt better after wearing a diaper and so I have been wearing ever night and the nights I don't I wake up in pain and discomfort. My wife is very good to me and sternly says things like "From now on you need to wear them to bed. Got it!" I even have change in fast food restaurants bathrooms and driven home diapers which makes the world of difference but has seriously confused me. Why does this work and briefs dont? The best I can come up with is the padding. I usually wear bambinos, molicates, or attends with a booster, and the thing is I got a sample pack from abuniverse and tried the assure which was very thin and I felt awful in the morning like I slept without one.

    Does anyone else out there have this problem and/or have advice at all.
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    It may be that the diaper stays away from the cyst where as underwear may bind or rub up against it. Even so, I think I would be looking for another group of doctors. Here in central Virginia we have UVA Medical which has a number of specialists. Most cities have that special hospital that has the awesome doctors. That's who I would be seeing at this point. I don't believe you should have to live with a cyst. Besides, there are different kinds of antibiotics. You'd think your doctor would have tried something else.

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    It is a challenge to deal with any medical condition. Being comfortable and dealing with less stress would be my priority. If that means wearing diapers all the time I would do it.

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    What kind of doctors have you been talking to? A cyste in your testicle could be a number of things, but the doctors have put you on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds because that's kind of their "go to"-solution in cases like these. Go see a specialist. There is no reason to settle for "you'll have to learn to live with this" without them even finding out what "this" is.

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    Thanks every one for first of all being nice and secondly bringing up good points. I have seen my family doctor, another family doctor, and two urologists. I had two ultrasounds and there has been more ball squeezing than a than a guy from the Spaulding factory. I am planning on another appointment soon but I have good days and bad days. I was on antibiotic and anti inflammatory as well.

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    Does anyone else have a cysts like this?

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    Yes, I had the exact same symptoms as you have described back in November 2011, also in the right testicle. I was prescribed medication a antibiotics type pill which i took twice daily and took about 3/4 weeks to heal. it can become very painful if not treated properly.

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    I went to the specialist yesterday and asked about the possibility about removing the cyst. The issue I am having it the cyst is jut simply taking up room and it just making me miserable. We spent a long time talking and if I have the surgery to have it removed the scar tissue my take up the same space and be the same. The doctor also said that I need to switch to briefs and treat this like gout. I may have flare ups and I need to take Motrane three times a day and hit the hot tube twice a day. The other option is to remove the cyst and hope for the best, if the scar tissue is bad or worse I would have to have the testicle removed. So I am going to see how briefs would first.

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    If your cyst is the same as mine it can be removed if it causes you too much pain. They do grow very slowly, but the worst thing is to keep finding them and feeling if they have grown while bathing. After I went to the doctors a few years ago and finding they were cysts and not cancer I simply told the doc I would leave them alone and only if they got too painfull would I thing about having the op. Wearing a diaper/nappy does NOT bother them at all but wearing regular undies does.

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    I have switched to briefs and mediums seem too tight and I just couldn't get comfortable, but larges just seemed too large and there almost no support now. I have been wearing diapers to bed almost every night and thats helped me to sleep better and even just rest better. I am usually ok when I stand and walk around but sitting is awful. I just don't want to have them remove if I am going to be worst off.

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