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Thread: Age UK maxi - anybody tried them?

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    Default Age UK maxi - anybody tried them?

    My Local supplier is stocking an age uk branded nappy... Just wondered if anybody has an opinion on them and whether they are plastic backed (a critical requirement)???

    Also, if I buy abri form now am I going to get plastic
    Or fabric backed in the uk? Looked through the posts on this topic but still unclear what I'm likely to get! These were the best in town 12 months ago but opinion now seems divided.

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    I think you can still get both -- e.g. Dorset Nursing list the following two types:

    3d - Abri-Form Medium Extra Plus | Abri-Form - Abena Range | Adult Diapers / Nappies
    M4 - Abri-Form PREMIUM (Medium - Extra Plus) | Abri Form PREMIUM | Adult Diapers / Nappies

    I think the top one is the M4 in plastic, and the bottom one is the Premium / Air Plus (i.e. cloth-feel back).

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