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    Not sure is this is a common problem or not, but here it goes.

    I have never felt completely comfortable wetting diapers and am always paranoid that they will leak. Even when I am in ideal circumstances (not laying or sitting down, everything is pointed in the right direction, the diaper is plenty thick, etc) there is always a hesitation when I decide to wet. After wearing a lot over a weekend I still don't feel OK wetting a diaper, but then for a day or two afterward I am nervous to pee even in a toilet. My body gets so used to being anxious before peeing that I will stand at a urinal and can't pee because I am "worried about a leak" (aka I am used to wearing diapers).

    Kind of an ironic turn of events because people claim that after wearing diapers full time for a while that they get so used to just letting it go that getting reused to using the toilet becomes a chore.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    A little bit. There is hesitation for both wearing able to pee, and finished wearing using toilet, but i just relax and mentally psych myself out.

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