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Thread: Introduction of Kirlio - an adult wanting to be a teen wanting to be a baby...

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    Default Introduction of Kirlio - an adult wanting to be a teen wanting to be a baby...

    Hi guys!

    Thought it was about time to introduce myself, even though I'm both shy and somewhat bad at english, especially writing/spelling.
    I'm a mid-aged man from Sweden just joined here. Obviously I don't feel like an grown-up. I still think and acts like an teenager. And to make it even more complicated I want to be a teenager that wants to be baby. Sort of an wannabe-TB I guess...
    I've been loving diapers all my life. My first memories takes me back to age ~6 or so. My brother did a play at kindergarten and was dressed up as a little goat-cub. As a symbol for being children all 20 kids/cubs were put in diapers above their clothes. Everything were filmed by our father in a classic shaky eighties home-video. I just loved to watch that film. I did it over and over again.
    When I was home alone I sneeked out to our storage and read my moms pareting magazines. They were, of course, full of diaper adverts. I just loved watching all the kids in their cute little diapers (is it called tie pants, the old plastic cover sheet you used to have to keep the diaper in place before todays modern diapers where out?). I remember that I as a young boy (mayby 8-10 years old) were fantasysing about kidnapping some young kids and make them were diapers. Why och how I had this daydreams I don't know. But force and humiliation is no longer part of my fetish.
    When I first understood that I really had a special diaper interest I was already to old to fit in to child diapers. I stole some from my little sister and neighbors but could of course not fit into those. I desperatly tried to cut and glue two diapers together resulting in a total mess all over my room and was almost caught.
    So one day, I must have been around 12-13 years old I visited with my little sister a training facility for disabled people. My sister was there for some astma education, and I followed mum and here there for company. At the toilet at this place I made a amazing discovery. They had diapers for youth and grown-ups. I touched, smelled and felt the material and was all nuts about what I had found. I put together a plan about how I could trick my mother in letting me go to the toilet again, this time with my backpack. Afraid of getting caught I did only dear to take two diapers. I rushed home and locked me into my room and put it one. The feeling was amazing.
    Throughout my teens i kept this diapers hidden in my room. I put them on now and then during this time. Hygiene wasn't my first priority. I knew that i couldn't get new diapers, so I had to live with what I got. So i did.

    I remember the first time that I dared to bring my diaper out of the house. It was a scoutcamp. We were all sleeping in the same room in sleeping bags. I remember the thrill when we all went to bed and I secretly put on my diaper inside the sleeping bag, just next to all other kids and friends. I just discovered girls and had some "prospects" their on the camp that I courted. We did lay down next to each other, holding hands. Each in his/her sleeping bag. And after she falled a sleep u pulled up my diaper from the bottom of the bag and put it on myself. So weird, exciting and forbidden. I don't now I someone ever caught me, but noone ever said anything.

    Somehow this memories mean so much to me. I rather be back in those days when everything was so uncomplicated and we had so much fun. I would like to lay their diapered again, flirting with a innocent girl that was impressed of me for just being me... I must be nuts.

    Well, anyway. In my grown-up-days I havn't had many diaper experiences. I found out, when I was working at a nursing-school that they had demo-kits for incontinence-products (mostly diapers) in the school storage. So of course after several months of planning and collection courage - I raided it. I had a couple of fun months wearing, modeling and uploading pictures of me at a local diaperlover community... But funny things always come to an end. I found a girl, she moved in and the diapers secretly moved out again.

    BUT. I'm back to single life again. And yesterday I decided to let some diapers move back in. Today I'm old and rich enough to buy them myself. So I just did. A whole package of Tena Slip Maxi Medium will arrive at my place tomorrow... I'm so excited. I can hardly wait.

    Why I joined this community? Well I don't now. I got her by misstake while googeling for diapers. Maybe I'd like to meet people with similiar interests to me. Maybe I just wanna show-off that I'm gonna get diapers =) Well... this was maybe not the best introduction, but at least it is one.

    Hope you enjoyed my reading....

    Bye bye...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirlio View Post
    Hope you enjoyed my reading....

    Bye bye...
    Well, you definitely gave us a lot to read. I think you'll find that how you got into diapers isn't all that different from a lot of people here. We can boast a community of people who work with the disabled, the elderly, and a host of other people who need diapers for whatever reasons.

    One thing I would encourage you to do is to expand on your intro outside of your diaper interest. Since you've come to a diaper related website, it's going to be assumed that you are into AB/DL, Furry, or Age Play related interests. Besides these things, we want to know what your other interests are like music, books, etc.

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