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Thread: fellow Ab/tb/dl here!!

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    Default fellow Ab/tb/dl here!!

    Hi !!! My Name is Steven(not gonna say last name) u have been into these interests since u have 13 or 14 and I used to be a bedwetter till about 11 or 12 but anyway onto things non diaper related I love Paintballing can't get enough of it and like gaming so yahhh... Don't know what else to say Lol I'm a very aproachable guy so "come at me bro!"

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    Welcome bro! lols I don't play much paintball as I don't have a gun but I love the sport, it's unlike anything else, except airsoft I guess. I'd rather play on a field as it's what I've played the most on, but most people I live around play woodsball. What kind of gun do you have?

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    A Geo 2.1 :-D all i play is speedball its the only way to go!!

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