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Thread: Who wears more Diapers?

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    Default Who wears more Diapers?

    With an expanding market for adult diapers - who wears more diapers between adult men and adult women? Do you think more adult diapers are sold in the USA or another county?

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    I think that biologically, women are more likely to be urine incontinent, and I imagine that would drastically outweigh the perception that there are more male AB/DLs than female...

    Since adult diapers are predominantly worn by those with a medical need that does not seem to be closely correlated with cultural differences, I would guess that the number of adult nappies used per person would be fairly similar across all nations. Poverty would perhaps be the biggest factor that would affect diaper use -- those in poorer cultures would be far more likely to use cloth nappies.

    Perhaps there are also differences in medical treatment. Some country's medical "cultures" may mean that they are more or less likely to offer operations to allow a tube/bag arrangement to collect urine instead of a nappy...

    What makes you think that the market for adult diapers is expanding?

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    I think the UK sells more diapers just because I see more people saying "nappy" than I see people saying "diaper"
    Note that I mean no offense to anyone from the UK with this post

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    Like tiny, I would guess that more women than men wear diapers. After multiple births and age, women can have bladder problems, thus needing some form of protection. For men, prostate surgery can create a need for diapers, but I think women would outnumber the men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxipoo View Post
    I think the UK sells more diapers just because I see more people saying "nappy" than I see people saying "diaper"
    If you mean on this forum, then that just means that more UK AB/DLs frequent ADISC than other nations (I'm not sure that's actually true, however)... But AB/DLs are small fry when it comes to diaper/nappy usage...

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    I guess it depends on how you define nappy/diaper... a lot of incontinent people will get by with a lighter sort of protection, a pad or pull-up underwear. To wear a nappy with tapes on a regular basis means you've pretty much given up on trying to use the toilet at all, though I guess some will wear them on occasions where they won't be able to get to a toilet or change their lighter protection easily. The higher absorbency nappies probably do have a fairly significant proportion of sales to AB/DL wearers, but hard to guess how many this really is!

    Probably are more women who wear for medical reasons, though I suppose this evens up with increasing age.

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    More bedwetters are male. Women have more bladder problems. So the age at which we draw our boundary for "adult" diapers is important. I don't know what the final tally might be. Perhaps Google does - Google knows everything! I'll ask and report back if I find something worth reporting.

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    The medical reserch does show that males wet their beds more than females. I agree more women have bladder problems. Has anyone seen a study that will give the actual ratio of diaper people?

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    I have been a DL for a long time but I recently felt like I am finally losing control of my bladder. I am under the care of a urologist for prostate problems. I have BPH and chronic prostatitus. This means that I have to pee all the time. I have tolerated it and tried to cope. It has been so frequent that I began to count the number of times I pee a day and it 13-16 times a day plus I get up 2-3 times a night. I have kept my DL side private, but now have a medical reason for diapers. I find that if I am wearing diapers and just let myself go when I notice I have to pee, it is easier and I seem to empty my bladder more completely. I told my urologist that I had tried diapers because I was feeling anxious when I had to get up in front of a group for a presentation and was afraid I was going to wet myself. He asked if I was wearing diapers all the time, to which I answered no. I love wearing diapers but I going 7 x 24 x 365 now scares me. I have worn diapers 7 x 24 for weeks at a time many times in the past but I am having a hard time admitting I NEED to wear now them because I am becoming incontinent. I don't understand my confusion. I have wanted to be diaper dependent for a long time but now that it is probable I am afraid to.

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    well medical i say women, transgend,then males and then babies got it made but me well dead last because i'm struggling too but some day i too can get back too the wonder full world i call never-never land.

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