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    Sorry about this but i need a moan.
    I am ic (stress and urge) and i need nappies day and night to keep me dry but for the last couple of months i keep having feceal accidents and i mean full bm's with little prior warning ie its imminent. This can be very anonying because of my disability (spastic cp) i still have to crawl on the floor at home and i have had a few situations where i have got down onto the floor from the sofa and i litterally dont want to move any more because i will know i will poo myself, similarly i have situations when ive been sitting on the floor or kneeling up. I also have situations where i poo en route to the toilet. I have seen my gp about this and he has refered me to a gastroenterologist to find out what is going on. I have got my gastro appointment later this week i am looking forward to it but not looking forward to the inenvitable tests :-|

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    Welcome! Sorry to hear about your problems, but that's whey we are here. The "S" stands for support. hang around and you'll find others in the same situation.
    Good Luck with the doctor and tests.

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    I have had a fairly similar experience and a lot of tests - apart from the digital(finger of doctor) examination of my back passage they were not too difficult or invasive. I hope your experience turns out to be positive and that you will be able to regain good control. I understand that your other conditions make things worse - but although I can move quite quickly I have still had a lot of episodes where a bowel movement has been uncontrollable and too quick for me to be able to reach a toilet in time. At least as urinary IC people we have diapers on - pooing nappies is bad enough but filling underwear is far worse and you soon learn the hard way that briefs are bad enough, but boxers are totally useless if you mess in them!

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    *hugs* I am sure the tests will be as painless as possible, I hope it all goes well for you and you can move forewards when it`s all over. I understand how irritating double incontinence can be, but I am sure you will be able to manage whatever life throws at you. Most folk seem to manage their problems really well. I know I do, but I have to cope and try to live as a normal life as I can and cope. *hugs*
    Please let us know next week how you are.

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    Having both bladder and bowel incontinence, I know very well the feeling of not wanting to mess myself, but not being able to stop it. I hope the doctor can find out the reason for your recent problems. Take care.

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    thanks everyone for all your support. I saw the gastro today and he said after examaning me that the ic is a neurological problem related to the nerves and that is probley related to the spastic diplega because he could not find anything wrong with the bowels. Interestingley he did a digital test where he said the muscle tone was good but i didn't squeeze that well when instructed and that again is probabley related to the nerves and the cp. He did say that if my problems get a lot worse they may look at a colostomy but to stay padded as i do now. Yesterday I saw a community nurse and continence nurse regarding my pads and they have changed me to the molicare classic from the standard molicare because i have been leaking at night. The continence nurse is sending me samples to try a sheaf for at night and to also try a anal plug. I dont mind the plug but not so sure about the sheaf. Sorry about any poor spellings

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    One other thing the gastro did say was that i felt constipated during the examination but i said that i didnt feel constipated (and still dont) this he said also pointed to a problem with the nerves

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    Thanks for the update - Sheaths are controversial - some people swear by them and some swear at them! In the end it comes down to what works best for you - How important is having absolute security from the product you use? How frustrating do you find the changing and management processes of dealing with IC etc. I hope you are a long way away from a decision about a colostomy because that poses a lot of very important questions. A close family member had one and managed it well - despite some pain and inconvenience - but was very relieved when it was able to be reversed. My own view is that colostomy's are great when there is a real medical need, but I wouldn't want surgery that in reality just changed to point of exit for fecal matter, just to counter incontinence because the management issues are not going to be reduced by all that much.

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    Thanks dayannight I am going to try the sheaf but i have a feeling it is going to be more trouble than what is worth i know this because my grandad had one and i have concerns about how it may restrict my mobility when wearing one. Regarding the colostomy the doc said he would only do this as a last resort option if my problems get alot worse. I want to avoid this opion like the plague if i can. The doc said that keeping padded as i do now should be fine as there is not alot more he can do for me. Similarly the urologist said i probabley need a catheter when im older I am also trying to avoid this like the plague.

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    I completely agree with your view dayannight that a colostomy should only be used when there is a medical need for one

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    sorry about the poor spelings again i am tired and writing this on my phone

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    [QUOTE=dayannight]Thanks for the update - Sheaths are controversial - some people swear by them and some swear at them!.[/QUOTE]

    I know What you mean by swear at them just tried my sample it was quite uncomfortable when moving and when taking the dam thing off.
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    Who knows where medicine is going end up in a few years. Hopefully during your life time some procedure or treatment will become available to help you with your nerve problems. I'm not too familiar with these medical issues, so I have limited knowledge and input I can really offer. I mean this with all respect, but it makes me appreciate my health more and for that I am truly grateful. So thank you cp88 and I hope things do get better for you.

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