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    Default Hey all!!

    Well, I guess my story is the same as alot of others on here! Which makes me very happy. I'm glad to find a community so that I don't feel like I have this crazy intrest that other people would look at me crazy for having. It's hard bein outcast as a gay man but then to say that you like diapers... Yeah... Oh yeah add a conservative background and living in Wyoming. So let's just say I'm happy you are all here! So here's my big initial HI EVERYONE!!!

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    Welcome to the site GoingSomeWare, Im glad that you feel at home here, like most of us do. Just one question, about your screen name, why is it GoingSomeWare and not GoingSomeWhere?

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    Hello and welcome to the site hope you enjoy it.
    Hope we can be freinds one day.

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    Wise man, it's a play on words... There are three versions of where, wear, and ware... Where indicates direction and I do feel that I am going somewhere in my life! I am driven and very motivated! Wear indicates my life choices. I am a costume designer and we as humans Wear our selves in many different fashions! Each day we have to portray ourselves and when we can wear ourselves at our most base place we will be able to be truly happy because we are our own person. Ware is more or less old language for beware, cautious. Which describes us all as well, I felt that to use this ware in this instance shows how I am ready to tread into unfamiliar territory with myself. To go somewhere in life and to wear myself! GoingSomeWare is my attempt to dive into the life that I am, and not the one that I wish I could have been!

    Hope that answered the question!

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