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Thread: WOW i dont feel alone any more

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    Red face WOW i dont feel alone any more

    i always thought i was alone in the world with this whole diaper thing, most the site you see for ab/dl makes us look like pervs..... but any way i would like to say hello. im a big video gamer and doctor who fan. first off all praise adisc any who i look forward to meeting many like me

    many hugs to all,

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    Hiya! and welcome to ADISC! You are definitely not alone in the world!

    sooooo who's your favorite doctor


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    the tenth doctor is pretty awesome but my favorite is the fourth doctor

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    lol David Tennant ftw! the 4th seems pretty cool (I freaking love his scarf) but I haven't watched anything before the reboot unfortunately

    So besides gaming and Dr Who, what else are you into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoore View Post
    i always thought i was alone in the world with this whole diaper thing.... i look forward to meeting many like me.

    many hugs to all,

    I totally understand!

    I used to feel the exact same way, like I was the "only one" over 3 or 4 years old who liked diapers of all things! LOL

    Hey Smoore, I think you will love being an active member here, and my guess is you will be happilly surprized how many chill *BDLs you will meet from all over this planet!

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    Thanks for the welcome in also in to the paranormal and camping

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    Smoore, Welcome! No one is alone in this crazy world. That's why we're here! I'm sure you'll find some friends here. Don't forget to check and add messages to your profile!

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    Welcome Smoore so glad you found us! what is your fav video game, my son is into Halo Reach and fall out new vegas. No you are not alone. ((HUGS))

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    The halo series videogames are my favorite followed by any first person shooters

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    Nice! Enjoy the site and get to know these wonderful people who are here. Again Welcome!!!

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