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Thread: Finding old toys you grew up with...

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    Default Finding old toys you grew up with...

    Lately, cause of the fact I'm moving and I've been thinking of the things I've lost over the years such as my beloved McDonald's Familiar Places playset I'd had for years- and had hoped to have again back in '98- but alas; my mother gave it away, not thinking I might want it some day.

    I also had the Holiday Inn set too- so for shits and giggles I've been searching for those two sets and some old '80s GI Joe fighter jets I've wanted for years and other toys from the era I grew up in. I guess I've been on a kick to relive a lot of my childhood of the '80s.

    I was wondering, has anyone else done like what I've been doing? Try to find old toys from your childhood again via eBay and other sources?


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