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Thread: Don't you just hate when..

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    Default Don't you just hate when..

    You're laying in bed in a mostly wet diaper and you aren't sure if it'll hold up to one more flood before falling asleep I don't wanna change out of a sorta wet M3 but i don't want to leak on the bed either... decisions decision...

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    If you think you're mostly full I wouldn't recommend flooding while lying down. Sometimes I do this while standing up and it seems like it worked out ok, then I sit down and a few minutes later notice that my PJ pants are a bit damp. Then I notice that I wet my chair a bit -_-.

    Depending on if you like to sleep in a wet or a dry diaper I'd either change and wet or go potty/fill the rest of your padding and put on a dry one.

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    Hate it when this happens, Although it means ill get changed agian but am goin to bed with a dry diaper and an empty bladder

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    It is always a bit of a dilemma, isn't it? It entirely depends on my mood. Sometimes I figure that I'll wind up sleeping like normal and needing to go in the morning anyway, so I'll just leave it on and do a mostly normal morning routine. More frequently, though, I'll change and then wet the new one, so it's still got enough to last the night but will be wet by morning.

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    Generally I like to go to bed with a fresh diaper and an empty bladder. That way I will not have a leakage problem when I am sleeping through the night.

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    Being too lazy to climb down from my bed poses that problem too. Suppose its better to do it standing or walking around rather than lying down.

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    I now have this down to a routine. On Friday night, I go to bed wearing a night weight, gauze cloth diaper, which I will wet, sometimes throughout the night. I have to wake up early to get my wife off the dialysis machine. I change into a birdseye night weight diaper, get my wife off the machine, wet the diaper and go back to sleep, since it is Saturday. That way I'm not smelling and offensive, and there's less likelihood of getting a diaper rash.

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    That's when bedpads are awesome. You can just let go and if you leak there is no hurry to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    That's when bedpads are awesome. You can just let go and if you leak there is no hurry to change.
    Really wish that I had one of those last night or other wise I would not have had bedding in the wash this morning XD

    All the best!

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    I read this and couldn't help but laugh. It made me think of this series of pictures called "1st world problems". one of my favorites was "There's all this food in the fridge, but I have nothing to eat!" haha

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