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Thread: destroy the viruses/the free way

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    Default destroy the viruses/the free way

    does any one know a free software to delete a virus on my laptop

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    Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing
    Reinstal os.
    Takes about 8hr.
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    Default Don't run DBAN!

    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie View Post
    Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing
    Reinstal os.
    Takes about 8hr.
    Do not take this advice! DBAN is NOT for beginners. If you do not understand what DBAN entails, and aren't specifically looking for this type of program do not run it.

    A reformat or OS re-install means deleting everything on the hard drive (all your files, family pictures, bookmarks, and a handful of other things), and you cannot recover them. In the event of an accidental or unwitting format, it is theoretically possible, for an insanely steep price (upwards of $10,000), to send the drive to a forensic data recovery center. What DBAN does is guarantee that this data cannot be recovered by any means, even if it were a government agency working on it. It's designed for industrial/military-grade deletion, such that forensic data recovery will not retrieve any information from the drive (e.g. emergency deletion of top secret government data). Furthermore, even if you plan on wiping the drive, there is no need to perform this extra step; a simple format is sufficient to "clean" the computer. As far as malware is concerned, there is no difference in how securely the malware is deleted; if it's gone, it's gone, and whether or not it's possible to forensically recover it is pretty irrelevant because chances are nobody is going to be interested in recovering it. I can't understand why Valerie would suggest DBAN here.

    There are several free anti-virus programs out there, including Avast, AVG, Avira, and Microsoft Security Essentials to name a few. There are also several free anti-spyware programs such as SUPER Anti-Spyware and SpyBot S&D. Additionally, many internet service providers and universities provide their users/students with a free anti-virus to keep their internal network free of viruses.

    Relying on an anti-virus after the fact is hit or miss, but if they fail there is a handful of websites out there which will provide free, professional, one-on-one advice to remove the malicious software through use of advanced, specialized tools, and then close the holes it crept in through.

    Only after exhausting all of these options, or if you are unwilling to spend any more time on it (and willing to lose data in what follows), or you're paranoid like me, should you format. Typically if you take the computer to a name-brand computer store such as Geeksquad, they will format (erase everything), provide generally unprofessional service, and probably take every possible opportunity to upsell/overcharge you if you don't understand technology, plus they might install a bunch of promotional trialware/bloatware from their "sponsors" which will leave your computer not a whole lot faster than with the virus. Some smaller shops will provide more professional service, but you have to shop around and probably have a geeky friend give their input because the bad ones tend to use techno-jargon to upsell products/services rather than help out.
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    C-c-coooombo fix! It's my No 1 virus removal program. Just google for combofix and you should find it.

    On some occasions though you'll have to format and reinstall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hailstorm View Post
    C-c-coooombo fix! It's my No 1 virus removal program. Just google for combofix and you should find it.

    On some occasions though you'll have to format and reinstall.
    That's a little specialized. Combofix is not an anti-virus. Perhaps a little safer than some other advanced specialized tools, but still not a cure-all solution and definitely not in the same ballpark in purpose or functionality as an anti-virus. Also, unless there is a rootkit or something, there is usually a way to clean up without a format.

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    You forgot malwarebytes, one of my favorites for trying to clean out any malware/viruses in the system (along with anti-virus of course). I used to run a firewall as well, while it didn't get rid of viruses, it (at times) could give you a heads-up one is hiding away or trying to get in, as everything had to ask for permission to access the internet.

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    Here's what I use for mine, with explanations on how to use it (in some of the programs), as well as other info. You may be interested, but some information may be out of date, as I wrote it up ages ago.

    If you get some information on the virus, there may be a specific set of steps to remove it (more likely if it's stubborn and common), in which case we may be able to help. Also, is a good forum for computer issues if you need help but would rather post there.

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    avg free and maleware bytes. i use the two of them and they are grate to use

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    A quick & easy solution would be to run an online virus scanner like HouseCall by Trend Micro.

    I use Avira AntiVir on my Windows PCs, along with MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware, Spybot - Search & Destroy and JavaCoolSoftware's SpywareBlaster (although that only blocks web-based attacks; it doesn't detect existing malware).

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