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    Um, hi xD This is my introduction to this site. I have been going on it for awhile, but wanted to make a account to see the forums and just connect. I'm a girl if you wanted to know...xD I have had an interest in diapers since I was 5, and I don't have any real ones, just crappy makeshifts xD <---- and i seem to like that emote alot xD Well, I'm not sure what else to put, but.. Hello all

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    Hey, always nice to see new people!

    Should try taking a towel and pinning it on, usually works for me. duno 'sup-ta u...

    Anyway, obviously you like diapers/being babied, else you wouldn't be here. Tell us about you outside that.

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    Hi FerretFool!

    Welcome to ADISC

    I hope you have a lot of fun getting to know ADISC, and I'm sure you will make lots of friends along the way!


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