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Thread: found a real cool site

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    Default found a real cool site

    this site has lots to do with us ab's and being a baby boy again Mod's can place it were they want but I am sure it will be deleted. I have read it over and nothing offending is on it and it is ok for all to read even TB's.

    ABDL Daddy – Adult Babies from a Dad's Perspective

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    I subscribe to that website. It really has a great deal of info, and the articles are a good read.

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    I love AB/DL daddy. That site rocks!

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    but I am sure it will be deleted
    this isn't the best comment to make, if it's true we sould never see the post, if not it's not useful to say.

    That said, it's a perfectly good site to point out, and bring to everyone's attention; I have been there before and recall nothing bad to be said about it. We live in a larger world-wide community of ageplayers, fetishists, and others with a connection to our shared interests, and exploring the map and being honest and straightforward about what's out there is all to the good - even about not-so-good stuff.

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    I really enjoy that website and the articles on it while sometimes I wish it was written in more gender-neutral language the messages are still applicable to everyone so *shrugs* good find though!

    sidenote: that was actually the first website I found about ABDL that wasn't hating on us or just about sex. It was really nice

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    This site was brought up fairly recently, somewhere inside another thread. I actually met him like a year ago. He's a pretty cool guy.

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    Just checked this site out. It is awesome! I love all the blog posts they are really well written and make me feel like a little boy!

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    That is SUCH a COOL website!

    Thank you for making it known to the ADISC community.

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    Ahh daddyJosh is amazing, he helped me through the lost of my grandfather, and helped me understand how i feel about this way of life.

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    Yeah, it is an awesome site and does a good job of showing the more emotional/non-sexual side of *BDLism. I was actually thinking about doing a thread just like this, but wasn't sure how the Mod-Squad would respond to it. Glad to see it's being accepted fairly well here (so far at least). Even more mad respect to Adisc and its admins.

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