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Thread: Booked in for a Flexible Cystoscopy

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    I have had some tests to do with my wetting, but the next one is a flexible cystoscopy. I know it involves putting a camera into my bladder and I'm not looking forward to it.If anyone has had this procedure and can give me information about it, I would be grateful. In particular what happens before, during and after the procedure. What should I expect?

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    Iíve had it three times. In my case they first applied a deadening agent to the tip of the penis, then the doctor inserted camera while his assistant stood beside me making sure I was ok. Maybe looked around inside for two or three minutes, not that long. Afterwards I was given an antibiotic to fight off any infection. The thought of it is far worse than the reality. I was not sedated in anyway and experienced no pain. Youíll be fine, trust your doctor.

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    SNAP - I've had it three times too - echo what Wbox says - not a fun thing to have done to you, but no real difficulties and every time I have experienced the procedure the staff were marvellous.

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    I have had it done twice. The first time, I was extremely apprehensive beforehand. The experience isn't a pleasant one, but it isn't nearly as bad as I imagined. Both times, I was able to watch the video stream that the doctor watches. It's pretty interesting to see what your insides look like.

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    I echo the same. They don't put you out and you get to watch. The next two or three times you pee you'll see some of the lubrication coming out -- that's pretty gross. Otherwise it may feel weird to pee the first time or two after but it's not really painful.
    Good luck.

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    Trust your doctor to give you the best care with little pain. If you expect pain of any level they can give you something so you will be comfortable. You my have to request it. Good Luck.

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    I had procudure yesterday, an uncomfortable few minutes! I was given a clean bill of health. Decided to wear a full diaper and not the pull ups I mostly wear during the day. After the procedure I had a very long pee and thought my badder was empty. I left the ward and got in the lift, as the doors closed I had a masive need to pee, I could do nothing but fill my diaper, I was surprised how much pee I still had in my bladder. I changed my diaper before I left. If you are having this procedure I would recommend wearing a diaper afterwards.

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