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    Apparently I already had registered here a couple years ago and become a lurker, so: Hi. I'm 28, from Finland and have been into this as long as I remember. I've been a member on many scene sites, but haven't really been ever participating actively. What comes to age play and diaper wearing, I can really adjust to any role and enjoy it, but lately I have been more in a daddy role. I'm married and my wife is more of a submissive kind, so she likes the baby role better.

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    Hi Raduni!

    Welcome back to ADISC!

    That's awesome that your wife likes being a baby, etc.

    Did you lnow that before you guys got married, or did you just luck out when she found out, said she likes it and never threatened to leave you?

    I'm really happy for you two!

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    My wife hadn't really been a hardcore enthusiatic AB before, thought she apparently did steal her sister's diapers as a teenager and wear them. Anyway, we knew about each other's diaper history long before we were even dating, so that didn't really suprise her.

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    oh, thats cool! and welcome to the site, i hope we can be freinds

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    Hello and welcome to the site hope you enjoy it.
    Hope we can be freinds one day.

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