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Thread: ABU vs. Bambino

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    Default ABU vs. Bambino

    Hello, everyone!
    So I'm thinking about ordering diapers online for the first time and would like to order from AB Universe or Bambino. My question is, who has the better product?
    To be more specific, I'm trying to decide betweeen the Bambinos with the teddy bear prints, and ABU Super Dry Kids.
    The Bambinos I want are on sale at the moment, but the Super Dry Kids are still a little cheaper. I'm also thinking about Cushies, but they cost the most.

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    I think the deciding factor will be what do you want to do with the diapers. From what I have heard the SDK aren't quite as good at handling flooding as the Teddys. I haven't personally tried the SDK so I don't know first hand, however I loved the Teddys and Belissimos when I had them.

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    I do plan on wetting them, so a lot of absorbancy would be great!
    The Belissimos look nice, but they're a bit out of my price range.

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    I've used the SDKs before; they are wettable, but I definitely wouldn't flood them.

    You have to decide what is more important to you: having a babyish looking diaper (ABU), or having a more functional diaper (Bambino).
    If it were up to me, I'd spend a few more bucks and get the Bambinos. From what I hear, they are very absorbent and they still look
    pretty babyish.

    I'm waiting on a pack of Bambinos myself.

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    I would recommend the ABU diapers. ABU super dry kids are very cute and not expensive at all.

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    I also vote for the ABU SDKs. I wear them almost nightly and have had no problems with flooding them or having them leak.

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    I'm a huge fan of the SDK as well. I like Cushies as well but for me I've always like Pampers so that is a major factor for me.
    As for the SDK not being absorbent it is true to a certain extent. If you're not going to flood them they should be fine but even still they won't handle too many wettings before they will leak. So, what I do is use a diaper doubler with them. I use the ones from Select Kids, Babies R Us sells them in a package of 30 for around $3-4 dollars and they help to make the diaper super absorbent. There are other doublers but I find the Select Kids to be pretty inexpensive overall.

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    It seems like we all are searching for this quality diaper. From what I have tried you might really like the Cushies. I had one Cushie on for most of the day with a booster and it was really soaked when I just changed it. It was a wonderful fit with comfort all day.

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    Having worn all 3 i would say the Bambinos would be the better ones as i find they can hold very well. But the cushies are just plane fun to wear they are just enjoyable beause they are so crinkly and the that image that is one them.

    But for you if money is a issue the SDK would fit the bill.

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    Personally I like the Abena M4s but if its strictly a bambino vs ABU question then i would go for bambinos because they hold up to floodings way better then SDKs. Not sure if they hold more overall but it also seemed like this was the case when i tried them.

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