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Thread: 80% of Diaper Wearers Dissatified

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    Default 80% of Diaper Wearers Dissatified

    A new study this week reports unaminity that current diapers are inefficient. Reasons for dissatisfaction included lack of comfort, failure to prevent slippage, protrution, and instability. The result of the study were presented to the big diaper manufactures including Attends and Prevail. Do you agree with this study? A full report can be found here.
    Improvements in Adult Diapers Redefining the Incontinence Industry

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    Follow the link on that site for a good deal on diapers. Everything is about half off. Time to get cheap diapers.

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    Just to be clear this is a study about the relatively poor North American brands and not the European brands like Molicare and Abena. Correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    Just to be clear this is a study about the relatively poor North American brands and not the European brands like Molicare and Abena. Correct?
    I would assume so. I figure if AB/TB/DL's like ____ diapers then people with IC would like them. Asides for maybe bulkiness and the noise levels, but wearing baggy pants and longer shirts take care of the first problem and many people don't notice or comment about the noise.

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    I honestly feel bad for the people--primarily the elderly--who rely on store bought brands and have no knowledge of or means to purchase the better brands that are available online. This was an interesting line:

    “ We receive input and suggestions from our customers regarding their experiences with our adult diapers on a daily basis. We continue to strive for perfection in our manufacturing processes, and our R&D team works diligently to design the adult diapers that meet all the critical thresholds. The latest batches of adult diapers hitting the market are packed with extra absorbency, in addition to minor fixes in the design and fastening tabs for a firmer gripping.”
    I've never tried Covidien so I can't speak for those, but I personally don't think Attends or Prevail have been improving. I wonder if R&D or management actually field test their products themselves?

    Then there's this:

    “During the previous two months, we have witnessed a quantum jump in the sales of Attends, Prevail and Covidien adult diapers from our store,” confirms Andrei Lemiasheuski, CEO of Bright Medical.“It seems that incontinence patients are now largely happy about the latest adult diapers being offered by the top brands.”
    Has that 'quantum leap' in sales occurred because Attends, Prevail, and Covidien really are that good that people are switching brands--or is it because, with the aging population in North America, more and more people are needing adult diapers to manage incontinence issues and of course they are going to choose the 'top brands' (if they can afford them) since these are the diapers that are sold in most stores, brick-and-mortar and online, and likely have the most brand recognition ("oh, I've heard of or seen these advertised before--they must be OK").

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    Actually "Attends Extended Wear" are really good and they have a cloth like liner and the peach appearance is fine the problem is that they need leak guards that's about one of the few things they need. Also you have "Abu Super Dry Kids" which have the special blue liner like "Pampers" once had and I rank "Super Dry kids" above the popular "Cushies" Then you have ultra premium brands like "Abena X Plus" "Molicare Super Plus" "Bambinos" {All four varieties} Providers Choice with its green velcro system and the ace "Secure X Plus" not to mention I recently though "Fabine" was one of the best ultra premium brands with its green absorb away liner and some better tapes on them which would make them better. As much as people like Dry 24/7 the appearance for me dragged them lower then other brands same can be said for "Wellness" the Nasa inspired ones. I will say that "Attends Extended Wear" and "Attends Breathable" are two of the best from that company at least they are listening. Now they need leak guards in "Attends" It is a lot more exciting what is happening to diapers sized to fit teens and adults then babies. Pampers had something great with the "Absorb away liner" with the "Cruisers" and the even better Pampers with Ultra Absorbency" with the green liner they need to go back to that for the babies and kids. As for the teens and adults "Fabine" was very close to the diaper we could hope for with its special green liner a few more steps and we'll have even some brands that are ultra premium plus ones with absorb away liners for both wetness and mess. I think it will happen soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    Follow the link on that site for a good deal on diapers. Everything is about half off. Time to get cheap diapers.
    ... has anyone tried Comfort-Aire Briefs? $12.64 for a bag of 24 is a deal I can't pass up if they're halfway decent...

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    This study was for the poor American brands. Most of the people do not know what they are missing as they probably have never had a Abena or Molicare diaper. The research question was answered as they are all asking for a quality diaper. How many here would like a quality diaper as a reasonable cost? Mabe we have this diaper and do not recognize it.

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    My experience with the Abena and Molicare line is limited to M3's, M4's, Super, and Super+ models. I was impressed by all of these diapers and I think if I needed protection every day I would certainly go with one of these two companies. They are understandably more affordable than bambinos and they perform significantly better than any store bought brand I have found in the US.

    The problem of dissatisfaction is likely due to people who are not internet savvy or are simply content to deal with the ineffective store brands and complain about them instead of looking for something better.

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    I'm crying foul on this "study" - the site appears to be nothing more than a place for companies to post their own press releases to (and pay for that exposure?) - and there is nothing indicating this is more than marketing BS by the company mentioned in the article. It certainly doesn't appear to be commissioned by the manufactures mentioned nor is there any indication that more than 5 people responded.

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