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    Smile Anime (on Netflix)

    As I mentioned in a topic a couple of months ago, I recently moved to the US. It took some time settling in and finally my apartment is furnished and (almost) ready.

    I also managed to get an internet-connection and I got Netflix. And what did I find there, a whole butt-load of Anime!!! It has been a while since I watched anime, and I want to see if I still enjoy it (I am sure I will).

    So a couple of questions (and I decided to make a new topic because this is particular for Netflix):
    1) What are recommended anime that are available on netflix? (I used to watch bleach, Ghost in the shell, Fullmetal alchemist)
    2) Which of the ones on Netflix are Japanese spoken? I prefer the originals
    3) Just out of curiousity, are there any with abdl references?

    Suggestions are much appreciated! Of course I can look it up myself, but perhaps suggestions from other anime-watchers are more useful.

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    I thought Trinity Blood was pretty good as far as anime goes. Definitely silly in parts, but I've felt that way in every anime I've seen. I enjoyed it at least (watched the whole series).

    However, I think it was in English on Netflix. I tend to be the same way about subtitles, but I don't recall the dubs annoying me in this case.

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    High School of the Dead is really good.
    Trigun is still on there (I hope anyway)

    They haven't ever had cowboy bebop though, which honestly makes me a bit sad. Not sure if Bleach is on there but that show consisted of just about everyone bitching 75% of the time. So I wouldn't call it good, just potential to be good.

    Also it's not anime at all but Phineas and Ferb is good too.

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