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    Ah, yes, a magical event that only occurs only once every hundred years. A mystical alignment of the stars that has been said to warp the fabric of time itself!

    Ok so basicly I was bored and was thinking that perhaps we (abdls) had some sort of holiday. And if so, when would it be?


    Don't look at me like that

    So here's how it works:

    The word diaper has 6 letters, each letter, assigned a number based on 1-26 in the English alphabet. If a letter's value goes over 9 it wraps back around to 0.

    With that I got 48/14/58.

    Wrap the days of the month: 17/15/58.

    Finally, wrap the months of the year: 17/3/59.

    So there ya go, on the seventeenth day of the third month on the fifty-ninth year of each century, is abdl day! Hooray for numbers figured in idle boredom!

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    March?....Seventeenth?.....Does that mean weŽll have to wear green diapers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowHare View Post
    March?....Seventeenth?.....Does that mean weŽll have to wear green diapers?
    AHAHAHAHAH!! how did I miss that?!

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    ^^ You canŽt think of everything right?

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