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Thread: tough choice. help!

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    Question tough choice. help!

    i posted this in the teenbaby as well.
    ok, this is the problem, i need to buy more diapers, but the thing is that i have to choose between the normal ones and the extra holding ones, i've always used the extra, but the thing is that even if i love when diapers are bulky, at night they can become a pain because of the heat they hold. the other thing about them is not being able to ever use them in public, they call too much attention. now, about the normal ones, I've never tried them before but they are not as resistant and bulky as the others. should i sacrifice bulkiness and resistance (which i love) for comfort (less heat) and being able to use them more often? please feel open to discuss it.
    Thank you

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    If it's really a tough choice then you could always order a sample pack of the kind you don't normally buy. Though keep in mind that it will be getting hot (or whatever you people call the weather outside of a desert in April) soon so if you can't use them all up before then you should get the thinner kind.

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