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Thread: Trauma as a child

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    Default Trauma as a child


    I'm wondering how many people remember any sort of trauma or incident as a child that may have lead to the ab/dl side?

    Myself, I was and still am a sleepwalker on a regular bases...

    So as a child I was locked in my room at night...dr's orders I was keep me from wrecking more things including myself at night...

    I'm not sure if it led to or made my ic any worse...but didn't help it...

    also still sleep better if confined or knowing there is someone there to help if I get up during the night.

    I'm sure some of the ab feeling I have now are from this experience as a real little one.


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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm an abuse survivor. It gave me a dissociative disorder but didn't cause DL. I have no idea what causes DL.

    My dad tried to starve me to death. Mom was a psycho-drunk who used to make my sister and I watch her bungled suicide attempts. Dad's wife#2 beat me and dad actually liked to watch. He was also a molester.

    Incould go on, but you get the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I'm an abuse survivor. It gave me a dissociative disorder but didn't cause DL. I have no idea what causes DL.

    My dad tried to starve me to death. Mom was a psycho-drunk who used to make my sister and I watch her bungled suicide attempts. Dad's wife#2 beat me and dad actually liked to watch. He was also a molester.

    Incould go on, but you get the idea.
    Sorry to hear that...***Hugs***

    Glad you made it through.

    I know there are a lot of people with much worse trauma than just being locked in thier room at night and sorta forgotten...

    But I do know mine did get me at somewhat here to the ab side.

    It's been a long road getting from point a to b (ok pun intended)...but I think is a good thing to do.

    I feel everyone needs to look at thier past trauma and deal with it and then you'll be much better than putting it in denile.

    I'm personally trying to explore and face everything traumatic event in my life and understand it.

    That's my perspective


    Yes everyone please post...I don't feel anyone will judge anyone about issues here..

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    Butterfly Mage


    No problem. I've has a lot of therapy and I'm highly functional these days.

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    My mother and step-dad were alcoholics and my father came around seldom.

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    I had a relatively normal childhood, so other than the possibility of me being potty trained earlier than I should've been (I can't say whether I was or not, but my parents told me that I learned things earlier than most kids when I was that age) I can't say for sure what led to me liking diapers. My friend who got me into being an AB had a very traumatic childhood, though. He lived in several different foster homes through his childhood and had to put up with a lot of abuse.

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    My Psychiatric Doctor is trying to tell me that the cause of this is mostly because I was forced to grow up too fast, being taken from my mother because she was sick I didn't get to be babied, and raised like a normal kid, by the time I was 6 I could cook on a stove (And damn well I should admit) And was spending nights alone by the time I was 11. I'll admit that as I did grow up rather quickly, I don't think it's what caused my recent regression into tb. I don't know what makes me feel the way I do; in fact I don't think anyone here knows. It just sorta.. Happened.

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    I was adopted by the time I was 2. I was talking and knew my name. I believe I spent some time in an orphanage because I had two teddy bears growing up, one new and one very used and beat up. I suspect that came from the adoptive agency/orphanage.

    My cousins lived two houses over, and they were Lenni Lenape Indians. I was physically abused by them growing up, constantly beaten up as a little kid, and made to stand barefoot while one of them would try to see how close he could stick a hunting knife, throwing it into the ground next to my foot. Eventually he set himself on fire and I was both glad and relieved.

    I had a cat which I had tamed, as it was wild. One of my cousins shot it in the head with an arrow, killing it, though it died slowly. It was then that my mom had had enough and we sold our house and moved. Later, I would be sexually hit on by the older boys where we had moved. At this point I could take it all in stride. I had learned to fight back and at least, hold my own, though against older boys, I usually got beaten. Their sexual advances only confused me.

    This trauma carried over into college when I would wake up with strange guys having their way with me after they got me drunk. Eventually I had a psychotic break and had a shrink. Diapers and regressing are a much needed way of finding peace and that little self who only wanted to be safe and left alone. I've often wondered do all kids grow up with this kind of constant violence and sexual contact? I hope not for the sake of all children. Maybe parents now become more involved with their kids.

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    well i cant say ive been sexually abused or anything but i can say i have a more hored past than any of you can imagine so heres my story
    it started with the fact the my blood father ran out be i was borned the my mother being a haroin user died when i was only 5 leaving me to my step father who married my mom 8 months after i was born who i live with still today any ways after that i went through school being bullied and tortured then came home to a very verbaly abusive family i got sepended more times than i can count for protecting my friends after that i started jr high and my dad married a fat bitch the next year she was around till i started high school and she hated me she looked me in my room and i was force to stare at the sealing for hours she would ground me for the intire summer and id never have any fun the in my jr. year my dad dumped her and then found the bitch that lives with use no i got moved to a new school then my family found out about my diaper and how i was an infantilist and one of my uncles called me a pedafile noww back the bitch tht is my dads fiance she alienated me from my family a friends and verbaly abuses me on a dayly spectrum an im the scurg of the universe and a fucked up scyxo path for wearing a diaper
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    My mother left me for drugs and men (she was 19 wasn't ready to be a mom) with my alcoholic grandmother to raise. My grandmother having to work left me in charge of a male family member who molested me from age of 3- 9. To this day when I am stressed I find my blanket, and it comforts me. I still suck my thumb when I am tired, upset, sick, or very very relaxed (ok nearly all the time). I am always moody, and finding my downtime and regressing back to childhood, makes me wish for the happy childhood I did not have. Now I can have the attention, and love that I was not given then, in a comfortable, serene environment that is safe.

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