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Thread: old server crash

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    Default old server crash

    hi everybody its me again and i was wondering if me and moo are the only ones still here from when the server crashed years ago back when this was sorry not sure if i can post the old site name or not gawd that seems like forever ago makes me feel old its seems like that happened a hundred years ago i do hope moo has enough time to comment about this because i remember everybody going insane when it crashed and moo like the great moo he is had it up and running again in no time god i love moo besides moo being the first back on the site i think i was in the top five after him to re register i could be mistaken i just love seeing what this has become

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    I am still here. I remember that crash well

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    There are still a fair number of people around from the old .org, some even with the same names.

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    I don't think I came long after the server crash, but I was never one to use TBDL much if at all. I know I visited once or twice but even as a older teen I felt like it wasn't a place for people who were about to become adults, or we're adults.

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    oh thats so cool didnt know so many were still here thats good to know

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    I joined shortly after in March. I remember the site however, and used to go on without a membership. I have always wondered, since it changed its name, how did you all find the new one, ADISC, and know that it was TBDL? Perhaps it was just obvious, even when it first restarted?

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    I remember you. I was "Me :p"
    I'm here every once in a while. At college, trying to avoid binges...

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