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Thread: Diaperman Indy Comic Book anyone read it? Thoughts?

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    Question Diaperman Indy Comic Book anyone read it? Thoughts?

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone has read the Diaperman comic?

    I saw some preview pages sometime ago and thought nothing of it since the character appeared to have a cloth diaper on without plastic pants and a huge symbolic diaper pin.

    I kinda thought this might be good/worthwhile supporting until I read the blurb:

    Two Gargoyles Graphics

    I might just be a bit self conscious about it and would like some input on whether this is offensive (unintentional or not) or actually a good comic.

    As a sidenote I had thought about writing to them (before reading the blurb) and suggesting they could do a DC style reboot and put the character in a disposable.... Maybe even a bambino.

    :: Indy Planet ::

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    I have read the comics and met the authors. One of them is an ABDL. the comics are pretty good.

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    Is there anywhere to read it online?

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    Ive seen the previews, it looks ok, but i have not seen enough of the comic to buy any of them. If i could see a full comic and i like it i just might get the whole set

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    ok thats just creepy..... that page there with the woman tells you this is pornographic... And the caption mommy loves her toys... right.... just no...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    I have read the comics and met the authors. One of them is an ABDL. the comics are pretty good.
    Thank you, will get the TPB then, had initially thought this was just a creepy situation laughing at us glad to know it was only my paranoia.

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    Tell them to put some plastic baby panties on this super hero!!

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    I wonder if Michael McAdam is any relation to Marci McAdam.

    What are the odds...two Canadians...with the same last name....drawing diaper/furry art. Crazy! LOL

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