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Thread: Infantilism vs. Diapers

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    Default Infantilism vs. Diapers

    I am recently wondering how far infantilism is from diaper fetish. In my recent research I cannot diminish the notion that DL has no AB tendencies.

    In my recent experience I find that wearing a diaper produces some AB tendencies such as wanting a pacifier or the desire to cuddle up with a plushie even though I have never desired these extras seperately. I do not have the desire to be babied or regress, at least not in any exstensive amount and I am comfortable with that.

    I realize AB/DL is a BROAD spectrum but this is a corner I am curious about.

    The reason for the thread is to ask: Can you claim to be strictly a DL with no infantilism undertones? Can you wear a diaper without any feeling of regression?

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    I don't feel any sort of regression with my nappy wearing, in fact the more "normal" and "adult" the situation, the more exciting I think it is to combine it with nappies. That goes for my own wearing as well as the sort of pictures/videos I like.

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    I consider myself a diaper lover (DL) only. I never really felt any desire for regression or any other AB tendencies.

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    I have no AB desires apart from eating the odd jar of baby food & the reason for that is i just love the taste ( desserts only) Nappies are nothing more than a type of underwear for me, i also don't feel any regressive feelings whil'st wearing nappies so my status is DW ( diaper/nappy wearer) rather than diaper lover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise View Post
    I have no AB desires apart from eating the odd jar of baby food & the reason for that is i just love the taste ( desserts only) Nappies are nothing more than a type of underwear for me, i also don't feel any regressive feelings whil'st wearing nappies so my status is DW ( diaper/nappy wearer) rather than diaper lover.
    I'm a AB but reading you like to eat baby food, I always love eating baby rusks, with nutella or jam and like the odd baby food desires, had one last night, chocolate yummy

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    I am DL and have no fantasys of being a child or baby but... I do have a bottle and plushies of a sort, some call them high end love dolls. I think it is human nature to need to cuddle in ones sleep and a solid life-size female human form suits me best while I've no real girl to keep me company. As to the bottle I'm not shure, it sits for years un touched then I get the urge to fill it with wine after dinner or water for a long drive.

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    I've noticed that there is often some level of confusion as to being either AB/TB and DL. The biggest misconception, and this may have been perpetrated by psychologists, is that one must be either one or the other. As mentioned by a responder, I too see it as a spectrum, like the Autism spectrum.

    Infantilism is the broad umbrella which includes both AB/TB and DL. We have seen members on this site who identify themselves as exclusively diaper lovers or adult/teen babies. Within those outer boundaries lie the rest of us. I think it is typical for males to identify more with being a diaper lover, and less, but some tendencies to baby or toddler identifying. I would further conjecture that being on a site such as this can pull out, or encourage some adult baby tendencies from someone who is primarily a diaper lover. This is certainly my case. I will add that even as a teen, I felt some teen baby tendencies. I didn't know what they were or what they were called as there was no internet and thus, no way to share these feelings with anyone else.

    As an observation, I have also noticed that our female members may more primarily identify with adult or teen baby, as a predominant, and diaper lover as recessive. This is however, a generalization.

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    It seems like the only part of me that particularly enjoys diapers is my DL side. I know it isn't uncommon to want to get rid of them after masturbating, however I don't often feel like being in them unless I am going to masturbate.

    My AB side developed presumably by being on this site, however it is more or less limited to sleeping with a plushie/paci and on rare occasions drinking from a bottle, which isn't that amazing for me.

    I would like to integrate the two and reach a happy medium at some point, however until I have my own place I am not sure I will ever grow comfortable enough with either side to be able to accomplish that.

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    I am a DL with absolutely no AB tendencies. Nothing about regression, yes it can be done.

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    I am blown-away by the variety of these replies! Some super interesting responses and expanations for sure. I am so confused and now even more interested in the broad spectrum of this fetish if you can even call it that. There are even some good points to male vs female genre comments here. It is staggering! Sexual vs comfort. Being pampered vs wearing for fun. Simplicity vs complexity.

    Let me explain the source of my confusion. When I was younger (13ish) I simply just wanted a diaper on and in a non-evaluating way I simply put them on when I found them in a closet and even made a makeshift one with one of my buddies. Later, after many years I rediscovered diapers and couldn't help myself from indulging in them. After seeing AB/DL sites with those in diapers with a paci and plushie I recongnized how they looked natural together. When I finally bought a paci and trying it out on my way to work I could barely concentrate on the road. I started sweating, my heart was pounding and I was ultra nervous. I couldn't believe my reaction to this! I use one today on the rare occasion but it is short-lived but still the desire exists in some small way. I consider myself a strict DL but there is slight undertones to occasionally indulge a little further. The odd thing is I am more frightened of someone discovering my paci than my small stash of diapers! Also, on a side note, I once dated a gal who confided in me that she wanted to use a baby bottle and we went and got one for her. I was totally accepting of this and thought nothing of it at the time (24ish). I thought is was cute.

    Not to be long-winded I just want to say that diapers/infantilism has a HUGE, BROAD spectrum and it completely amazes me. My best friend confided in telling me a few years ago about his foot fetish and after researching fetishes online I discovered the phsycology behind early brain mapping. I know that all of this may never be fully understood but it is certainly an interesting topic!

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