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    I am donny. I happened upon this site well browsing links in another site.
    I am probly one of the oldest people here. I am 60 and still enjoying my diapers I like to believe that our interest here are not divided or juged by our age as long as it is only among true adults. One should have respect for each persons individual beliefs.
    My hobbies include RC airplaines. and traveling on my motorcycle. This last summer I went on a 23 hundred mile vacation on the bike. i like to spend time just about anywhere along the shore of lake Superior.
    I have to get up 2 to 3 times a night to pee. when I go back to bed I have a hard time falling back to sleep. If I use a diaper I only wake enough to make shure I have one on then I pee a little and am able to get back to sleep. And of course I enjoy my time in diapers. I do wear them out in public with little concern about it. Never had a problem.
    This seems like a well done site and look forward to meeting people and I hope I don't run into any people that think they are frikin English teachers cuz I do not spell to well. and believe that if I get my point across that is what matters.
    Peace donny.

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    Welcome! Age doesn't matter to me. I'm sure you'll like it here.

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    Welcome to the site. Great intro. I have a few freinds into RC airplanes and have helped them build a few

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    Welcome to the site. I like seeing some older members, because we are predominantly composed of teens here and older members seem able to offer some unique insight and experiences. It's nice to have a somewhat different view point available. I hope you like it here.

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    Please put your diaper packages on the conveyor belt and make sure they're below the weight limit of 20kg.
    Also, I will need you to answer the following security question:
    - Is that your diaper?
    - Has that diaper been with you at all times since you've put it on?
    - Has anyone had the chance to tamper with your diaper between the time when you've put it on and now?
    - Has anyone asked you to carry anything for them inside your diaper?

    Thank you, please enjoy your flight!

    In other words: Welcome to ADISC!


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    Default're so weird! :P

    Donnyba, welcome to ADISC...nice to see a proper intro for a change 'n not the usual "hi, I lyk dipers to" crap (pun intended) that has been the norm for some time now.

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    Yeah ayanna I think you're right. Peachy is strange. Welcome to the site donny! Don't worry, there are plenty of older members here! Not me though.

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