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Thread: Tipping Point - Is is possible that wearing diapers could become popular with society in general?

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    Cool Tipping Point - Is is possible that wearing diapers could become popular with society in general?

    Well, I hope the title got your attention.

    I'm not trying to think too scientifically, or dive too deep in psychology, but I was pondering the whole diaper interest thing and had the question, "Is it possible that there are factors that could be powerful enough to create a change in thought --where wearing diapers actually became a popular trend?"

    There have been many other things (clothing, hairstyles, certain behavior, etc.), that were once looked down upon by society, but eventually became very popular. This was due to certain things building up to a "tipping point", where the product, activity, behavior, etc. became an acceptable norm.

    Some examples include the influence of celebrities wearing a certain style, brand, or product that became popular with certain fans, and then spread to other celebrities or highly idolized individuals, and had a snowball effect. Eventually, more and more people decided to follow suit. This caused sales to jump "over the edge" and become a huge selling item. There are a number of highly successful businesses that owe their fortunes to this type of change. The actual movement may have been entirely accidental, but something caused a reaction sufficient to change popular thought.

    Other examples include clothing and shoes that became hugely popular (seemingly almost overnight) because of how comfortable they are and/or the real or imagined way they make people feel by wearing them.

    There are also other behaviors that were once taboo, that when famous people were seen behaving in that way, it became a trend. There are actually a number of books on this and this is a topic often examined in human behavior studies.

    *** As members here on ADISC, most understand the feeling of comfort and the desire to wear diapers, but recognize it is not accepted by society in general. ***

    Does anyone think it would be possible that this could be reversed?

    If so, what would it take?

    Could it be a famous athlete or superstar who is considered otherwise "normal" by society coming out and touting how wearing diapers are cool?

    Could diapers be marketed in such a way that they are touted as an acceptable alternative when bathrooms might not be available or inconvenient?

    I have my own thoughts, but as crazy as the thought may seem, I think it is not a stretch to say that perhaps stranger things have happened.

    Is there a combination of things that could happen to create a tipping point that could bring this about?

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    I don't think wearing diapers will become fashionable. How ever I do think that wearing them because you need to is very very slowly becoming more acceptable. The internet and increased availability in shops of incontinence products has led to a greater acceptance, but there is still a very long way to go. People are not embarraced to use a wheelchair or crutches to help them with their disability, but the use of nappies for incontinence is still a social taboo. Perhaps as the population ages this stigma may become less a proportionally more of the population will need to use incontinence products.

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    I don't know why it couldn't become acceptable. Is it likely? Sadly, no. I am guessing what would have to happen is a huge break through and there to be huge benefits to wearing and using diapers. I agree with Jamie that they are becoming more acceptable but I honestly could not see diapers becoming the norm. I wish this could happen (it would greatly improve the diaper industry) but to the average person, even if they didn't mind wearing and using diapers, they would think of them as an inconvenience.

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    Tipping Point - Is is possible that wearing diapers could become popular with society in general?
    Number 97 in a continuing series "Questions to which the answer is No"

    or at least as far as wearing and using them. Normal people have a very strong disgust reaction to bodily waste. ABDL people have less feelings of disgust as far as their own and maybe sexual partners' are concerned, but even we find it icky to some extent. There maybe less of a social taboo about incontinence in the future as Jamie72 suggests, but recreational use of diapers is never going to extend beyond a few freaks like us.

    Is it possible that some people might wear diapers as a garment? Erm.... maybe I guess so. It should be pointed out that diapers are not actually that comfortable. We may find them comforting but wearing a diaper for an extended period of time is much less comfortable than wearing regular underwear.
    Maybe some weird trend will pick them up at some point - but I doubt it.

    If a famous person was caught or came out as wearing diapers for any reason, they would be mocked or pitied. No one is going to spontaneously copy them, any more than people copied Lady Gaga's dress made from meat.

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    Now if Emma Watson was to come out modeling a diaper and in full support of it I think the trend would kick off to a degree.

    BTW I think they are extremely comfortable while dry or only moderately wet.

    Can't see how diapers could be thought of as anything but modest when compared to what some people wear now days.

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    Hmmm... or would we want it to be popular? I take great interest in being one of the club.. one of the elite few that can indulge in such a simple pleasure. It is of great comfort to me to know that I can escape to a secret unknown world so easily. A private passage, if you will. I can feel free and unrestricted, uninfluenced by what others deem trendy. I can trade that for something unique and unexplored by most.

    Imagine it in the realm of cave explorers: They find an unexplored cave and wander in and marvel at what maybe no person has seen or witnessed. They can continue to go deeper and explore the cave and taverns with pure amazement. One thought they might have is; "I must tell everyone about my discovery!" or they may have afterthoughts about what this information may trigger. Perhaps there would be an overabundace of cave seekers or folks who intend to simply exploit it and damage it. The unique pureness dies off. Or, they can just share this with others who share the same passion for the experience.

    I know this analogy is not quite the same but it offers a view of what the original fever is about; A place to hide-out, relax, have fun, and escape.

    I have often wondered about this very topic. Perhaps even fantasized about what it would be like to see diapers become openly accepted but I'm sure some of the fun would be diminished as well. Sometimes the most fond memories take place in unspeakable situations or encounters.

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    Perhaps wearing diapers will lost some of its stigma, but it's not going to become popular to wear diapers. If you don't need them, and don't have the fetish, why put up with the mess, expense, and trouble? A person without need, either physical or psychological, would weigh the negatives and think the entire idea of wearing diapers weird. And for good reason.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't see it ever becoming "popular" to wear diapers -- especially for non-medical reasons. However, I think there is less stigma than there used to be for people who actually need to wear diapers. The other strike against popular use is that I don't really see nonABDL folks voluntarily wearing diapers without medical need. After all, diapers are expensive and you habe to always carry spares with you all the time. Without the fetish aspect, wearing diapers is kind of a drag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBr_Cowboy View Post
    As members here on ADISC, most understand the feeling of comfort and the desire to wear diapers, but recognize it is not accepted by society in general.
    The reason why most people on ADISC understand the feeling of comfort when we wear diapers is because we have an inexplicable, preexisting desire to wear them. Without either having that desire or a bona fide need for protection or some other good excuse, you'll be hard pressed to get anyone to wear a diaper, much less enjoy the experience. Think about it this way, the way most non-ABDL people would hear your question: "So you're suggesting that it might actually be possible for normal people to enjoy pissing and crapping their pants for kicks?? No way, sorry, not even going to try it."

    Granted, it is possible in principle, inasmuch as pretty much anything can be socially conditioned. But the likelihood that it will catch on in the States? Slim to none. There just isn't enough impetus to get people to even consider wearing diapers for fun or as a fashion statement. However, for the sake of entertainment, I've compiled a non-exhaustive list of possible scenarios that could lead to this very outcome:

    *Zombie Hitler rises from the grave and conquers the world, imposing mandatory diaper wearing on pain of death.
    *Celine Dion starts up an incontinence solidarity movement, leading millions of fans to don diapers in support of leaky and sodden of all tribes and people.
    *Diapers are shown to a viable method of administering alcohol (cf. vodka tampons) leading to their popular use among high school and college students.
    *Hypno Toad wants to play a practical joke on humanity.*Nuclear war creates world-wide atomic fallout; lead-lined diapers prove the only way to reliably prevent testicular cancer.
    *Hyper-feminist take over and demand that men be humiliated by being diapered 24/7.
    *Hyper-anti-feminstes re-take over and demand that women be humiliated by being diapered 24/7.
    *Take mescaline, hallucinate that diapers are popular.

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    These threads come up every once and a while, and my answer to every one of them is simply "No". For someone who doesn't need it, it's just unnecessary extra money to be spent, it's rather unhygienic, and I've even heard of a few AB/DL's (male, of course) having trouble reproducing because of too much heat around the testy sack. Not to mention, if everyone is using diapers and filling up landfills, nutso environmentalist will throw the ultimate fit of a lifetime, and the government would have to start making dumb laws like with incandescent light bulbs (that means bye-bye to plastic backed diapers).

    While I personally cannot view actual diaper usage becoming the norm, that doesn't stop some other babyish clothing fad from happening (pacifiers, bibs, whatever). It would probably be a "hipster" kind of thing and fade off within about 2 years after its introduction.

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