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Thread: My high flying adventure with TSA

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    Exclamation My high flying adventure with TSA

    So after not traveling via air for the past 5 years, I took a trip last weekend and got to encounter everyone's favorite airport mascots, The TSA.
    I had no issue leaving Oakland Into but on my flight home, I hit some turbulence at security. Knowing that I have rights to private screening, when I passed through the scanner, the alarm sounded. I was pulled aside to an area partitioned off by ropes. I asked before scanning to be privately screened, so when the agent asked me to step aside, I told her I had requested private screening due to medical conditions.
    I was then led to a private room where an older agent was standing, and told me to take a seat. A moment later a second agent came in and asked me why the alarm went off. I told him about my back injury and box in my spine. He then asked if I had anything he should know about. I told him I was wearing a diaper, and he was very casual about the reasons why.
    He then asked me to remove my pants but let me keep my boxers on over my diaper. Glad he did, because my M4 was pretty wet. He then used the back of his hand to inspect my padded areas, and put his finger through the waistband. He then inspected the inseam of my diapered thighs and my crotch. After 2 minutes of inspecting my body, we chatted for a minute about my severe work injury..

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    Cool resolution bro.

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    Knowing people these days, the TSA probably have seen everything, so someone wearing diapers probably doesn't phase them in the least, and I must admit, this is a very good thing.

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    That sucks you were pulled to the side for a screening. Ive worn twice when flying and never got pulled aside.

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