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Thread: Washing instructions for cloth diapers

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    Default Washing instructions for cloth diapers

    I need some help to find the right instructions for wash my training pants the right way.

    I have bought this type of training pants: Baby Onezie for Adults

    Wash instructions from there website
    The Machine: Use HOT water as much as possible. Usually double rinsing isn't necessary, but if you use whiteners, you must double rinse.
    Drying: We prefer to hang diapers. Sunlight is a natural germ killer, and everything smells so nice. It is also a nice time to be outside with your baby. But be realistic, when you have a family, you do not always have the luxury of time. You might want to line dry if there is a problem with diaper rash.
    A Couple of notes about Machine Drying: Clean the lint trap often; cotton diapers, especially when new, will tend to make more lint than most laundry. If you or your baby have asthma or allergies, do not use the softener sheets. If you have line dried the diapers, put them in to tumble for 2-3 minutes with a clean baby tennis shoe to fluff them.

    It is follow instructions on the pants
    : Machine wash warm or cold
    tumble dry low.

    More information: Our diapers will shrink 2 to 3 inches when washed. They quilt up and become softer and more absorbent during the first five to ten washings.

    I need some help so i can wash my pants the right way. Here in Sweden we dont have something on the washing machine that say hot or cold. We have something like this 30, 40, 60 and more degrees. So what should i have?

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    I would set the machine at 40 which is the warm setting. do not use softener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    I would set the machine at 40 which is the warm setting. do not use softener.

    How about the shrinking part? Should that be some sort of problem?

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    it will not be a problem.
    they are talking about the pre- folds not the training pants

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    are you scour? De dont say that to me when i ask them about how i should wash them right. It say something like this: If you aren’t sure use a lower temperature. They will shrink more with higher temperatures. and Well, warm would be like not so hot that you can’t put your hand in it. And hot of course is too hot to put your hand in. Warm might be 38 Celsius and hot might be 55 Celsius.

    I get this from the mail responds.

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    I would say wash in warm water.
    it uses less energy as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    I would say wash in warm water.
    it uses less energy as well.
    like 40 that you say before? or should it be more?

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    When I do my washing here, 40c is the lowest temperature I use. It's considered fairly cool - there was a detergent brand that recently advertised that it was effective even at 30c (i.e. 30c is a very cool wash -- the implication is that no one would believe that you could wash clothes effectively at that temperature).

    Anyway, 40c is a good, safe, effective temperature -- stuff doesn't usually shrink too much.

    White bed linen I'd wash at 60c -- stains are more visible on whites (not that I have any on my bed sheets, but I think white cloth needs a higher temperature to really look clean).

    Nappies I wash as high as possible -- maybe 90c to really remove stains and kill germs.

    The hotter the temperature, the more likely the cloth will be to shrink (that applies to drying too -- don't carefully wash your clothes at 30c then stick them in front of a massive heating fan!)

    Different countries have different "norms". I read (no idea if it's true!) that in Germany, most washing is done at 30c, and that in places like Vietnam, people tend to wash their clothes at room temperature in used bath water...

    So long as you aren't pooping your pants, and you rinse them before you put them in the machine and wash them very soon after use, I think I'd wash at 40c...

    EDIT: By the way, those are very cute pants... I want some!

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