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    Arrg! Still waiting for my Abena M4s. Amazon appears to be unable to confirm my Vanilla Visa gift card, even though I told them its a gift card and therefore has no name attached to it. If this incompetance continues I won't be ordering from them again.

    Anyone know how to get them to recognize the card? What do you enter for the cardholders name ect.

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    I assume you submitted your own name? Was the card activated by a cashier, and did they ask for your name? I've never used one, but I've got a Nook Book card I will soon be using. There's got to be something you're not doing. My best bet is try your own name. Short of that, something isn't right.

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    Vanilla Cards can have a name added to them from their website. Go check it out.

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    Fixed it. Had to register on Vanillavisa's website. It was hidden deep in their "check your balance" portion of their website. Very non-apparent.

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