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Thread: Sounds like a bot...

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    Wink Sounds like a bot...

    ... but I'm a real person and my nick is just a kind of abbreviation for my name.

    Well, there's nothing much important to tell about me - so you can easily skip the rest. XD
    I'm 22 years old (as of late) and although I was born in Germany and still live here, I have norwegian, finnish and estonian ancestors. Maybe that's one of the reasons I also really like to travel (I have visited 24 countries so far - and I'm willing to increase that number). Countries I really want to travel to before I die are the United States, Finland, New Zealand and Japan. The means of travel are not important - whether I go by train, plane or simply by foot, I enjoy what I see and like to meet people from other places and cultures. Well, uhm... I also like to read (and there's no limit - be it books, magazines, newspapers or just the ingredient list of a food package), to write and to draw.

    Oh and as my avatar may perhaps indicate, I like to read manga (as well as other comics) and watch anime. And as some of you may also see, one of my all-time favourites is "Pani Poni (Dash!)" - especially one of the main characters, the one pictured on the avatar - Himeko. I really like her preposterous attitude. XD

    That's it, you are now free to greet or critcise me. Or ask any question you want.
    It's a different matter however whether I want to answer it or not.

    (If one finds mistakes in my grammar... feel free to rectify it. I still live and learn.)

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    hey im german too,cool.

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    Thank you for the answer. ^^
    The fun thing is, I'm just a quarter german (Saxony and Bavarians), the rest are the Baltic and Scandinavian folks. I really find the cohabitation of many different peoples and ethnicities interesting - as long as it's peaceful - as it probably is one of the best ways to create understanding between the members of humanity.

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