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Thread: Feeling the stronger urge to pee without a diaper on

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    Default Feeling the stronger urge to pee without a diaper on

    Does anyone else feel the need to pee when they don't have a diaper on but when you do have one on, you don't feel the urge as much. When you feel you have to go, it doesn't feel like you have to go really bad so you just go.

    I get this a lot. I always feel I have to go very bad when I don't have a diaper on but when I do have one on, the feeling isn't as strong. I just go whenever I feel I have to go. Plus it feels easier to go in a diaper than in a toilet. I always push the pee out of me when I go but not when I am doing it in my diaper. Does this happen to anyone else?

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    I can have this some time. It can be something rely hard to deal whit.

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    I tend to get that after wearing for a bit. If I'm wearing I have to push, but when I'm not wearing I feel "too relaxed" and have the sensation I'm on the verge of having an accident.

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    I do this when I don't have a nappy on, I have a potty so if I'm in this mood I'll use my potty to go, not the same but makes me feel younger, instead of going to the loo. but when I was younger and wanted to miss the school bus, I would just pee my pants and had to change and miss the bus, as the sch was a few males away and was only the one bus

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    I'm the opposite actually... I'll go hours without needing the toilet. Then I'll go to the loo (thinking "I should be fine for a few hours again"), put on a nappy and wet it immediately. Then again 5 minutes later... then again after another 5 minutes... etc.

    I always used to find it hard to go when I started wearing, but I guess I've just got more used to it now and naturally relax more when I have a nappy on...

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    I actually realised I have amazing control over my bladder in the sense that during the day, at work or whenever I can NOT pee just whenever, I am fine, can go without peeing for hours and hours. But when I have the time and regardless of whether I am wearing a diaper or not, it is like I can set my bladder to "small" or "off" and keep having to pee all the time, and sometimes just let it come whenever/continuous. Very glad I can.

    NOTE: this is very different the moment I drink alcohol, after a single beer, all the pipes are under pressure and I keep having to go over and over again.

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    Hm.. When I wear diapers it's like I have to pee really badly, kinda like my mind really wants to wet it so it pushes the urge to make me go.. When I wear diapers the urge is a lot stronger, sometimes like I can barely hold it. A week or two ago I put on a goodnight when I was home alone, and I was waiting all day to use it instead of the toilet, so when I put it on I wanted to save it for a bit instead of wetting it immediately. 5 minutes later the urge to pee really shot up badly and before I could even think about if I wanted to wet it or not my mind just kinda made me start wetting without my decision :s

    Now, without diapers on I have like 100% control. Even if I've been holding for a few hours, I don't have any "sudden urges" come up. It just mildly feels like I have to pee; however, as soon as I put that diaper on it's like the urge becomes stronger and I just get this sudden urge to wanna let loose..

    In the end, I guess I'm kinda the opposite of your post ^^''

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    Over time the gap in time between needing to pee and peeing is getting much less for me, whether wearing a nappy or other protection or not. I am finding that I am peeing much more frequently, but much less volume each time I pee. I suppose that as I am gradually becoming more incontinence, my peeing pattern will become more like that of a baby, or a little kid. Lots of time, but a small amount each time, not flooding my nappy, but slowly filling it. I don't know if weara nappy is making this process faster, but it does keep my pants dry.

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    I feel this urge to pee only if I wear a diaper that I know can contain every drop of pee i make... Otherwise I feel a bit "restrained", I have to force myself to pee

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    I noticed this happen to me. Normally I could go for hours without having to go pee. Now, after a wearing stint, I really feel when my bladder starts to fill.

    Oddly enough, this is actually a good thing for my kidneys.

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