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Thread: OUCH!!! Base jumper crashes in South Africa

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    Default OUCH!!! Base jumper crashes in South Africa

    I can't get to it from work to post the link here, but just go on YouTube and search for 'Jeb Corliss Grounded' and you'll get the video.

    Dude is lucky to be alive, spent several weeks in intensive care, broke both legs and required skin grafts after his crash. While I skydive and understand his reasoning for doing what he does, when you push the envelope, sometimes the envelope pushes back.

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    Here's the video:

    Jump to 0:44 for the crash.

    I saw this on Nightline like 2 days ago I think. He said he thought about not pulling the cord since he thought he was dead either way, thankfully he did. They mentioned how many people have died base jumping/wingsuit diving and how a few of them were his personal friends. Then they ask what would make him stop and he simply replies with only death will stop me.

    Anyways the video of the crash didn't look that bad to me and could of easily been worse. I'm glad he's mostly okay and will be able to do what he loves soon enough. It looks awesome, but I would rather just do it out of a plane in a open area then trying to scrape cliffs. Despite my fear of heights, I think I would enjoy it.

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