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    I have been a bed wetter most of my life from childhood on and off, but the last few months, I've been going to the loo in the days but thinking I have finished wetting and as soon as I put my fireman back in my pants I wet myself a little, I have tried to relax and see if I can empty myself before it goes back in but nothing comes out (pee) but as soon as I put my fireman back in my pants I wet a little again. Does anyone know whats going on? hope I've come across ok and you know what I mean!

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    I get this all the time, it's the main reason I wanna switch to pullups full time when I eventually move out (not to use the pullups, but just to wear for this problem. Tired of my pants getting wet every time I go to the bathroom) I don't think it's anything serious, but I never really looked into this, im looking forward to seeing more in-depth answers so I too can learn more as to why this happens

    Ps: it has nothing to do with you being a bedwetter, I haven't wet the bed nightly since I was maybe 10 yet I have this same problem.

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    I'm the same pants getting wet most of the time as I use the loo, so reading your post about pullups I went and got myself some today so will be making an appointment to see my Enuresis nurse! but saying that she hopeless as all the years I've been seeing her she as do nothing and all the treatment as not worked, so this is why I have given up and I'm happy the way I am now, as bed wetting is part of my life and yes have to say I enjoy waking up in the mornings with a wet nappy, due to being a AB probably, but not the other problem that as just started, so try these pullups as it will save me changing my paints and being frighten of people seeing wetness down my pants!

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    I think for some males, this is not uncommon. I certainly experience it to a small degree. The fact that you are IC, or have some problems in that area probably makes the problem a little more severe. LuckyStar makes a good point about modest protection, and it may be your only solution. See what your doctor says and that may give you some direction.

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    Well i dont know if this relates at all. But I sometimes have problems with wetting myself a little after i think im done going to the bathroom. I actually found out the problem for me is the waist on some of my pants is too tight and how they rest as im going to the bathroom actually constricts on my bladder and when i put my member back in my pants it releases the pressure and i will slightly wet my pants.

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    Like you I used to pee the bed when I was a kids, this continued into my early teens. Over the last few years my bedwetting has returned and I now wear nappies every nights, and wet them every nights. Like you I have also has issues with peeing a bit in my pants after I have been for a pee. This has happened for most of my life. Recently the amount of pee has increased and I have has some instances of fully wetting my pants. I now wear a minimum of an aborbant pads, of I know I am going to be near a toilet, or pull ups or nappies if I know getting to a toilet could be hard. My urologist is currently doing some tests and has given me some medication, me says I have an overactive bladder. I think you should go and see your doctor, I know it is embaracing, but the sooner you go, the sooner they can try to help you. I left it too long before I asked for help and now I am wearing nappies or pads 24/7. My urologist has not promised to cure, but he thinks he should be able make things much better than they are now. In shorts get checked out by your doctor. Good luck!

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    Without any medical knowledge at all I think it is safe to say that this is a very common problem and one that is not likely to have any serious consequences. There are techniques involving "milking" your "fireman" etc, but this could be misunderstood if you are standing at an open urinal! The shields that go in your underpants were designed with this in mind - but so (frankly) was the design of "Y fronts with a double layer of cloth at the appropriate place.

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    Overactive bladder (OAB) is very common as I also have it. After reading many incontience forums on the net there is a variety of ways to deal with it. Some doctors want to give out the $8.00 pills which make your mouth dry especially at night. I have been on 4 different medications including severl new time release pills. A good diaper saves me a lot of money and I do not have to deal with the many adverse reaction of the drugs.. I no longer take those pills which never really worked for me.

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    Just for clarity "post voiding dribble" is not the same as an Over Active Bladder - for slight leakage after you have had a pee it is worth using the techniques widely available on accredited internet sites - but as I said earlier some might be misinterpreted in public as they involve manipulating your equipment.

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