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Thread: Does anybody else do this too?

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    Default Does anybody else do this too?

    Hi there, so even though my age still has "teen" in it (19), I'm classed as an adult, right?

    I often find myself going to click on the "Teen Baby" section instead of the "Adult Baby" section, because I don't feel like I'm an adult... then I realise the irony of it all!

    Just thought that was kinda funny and wondered if anyone else did this. :3

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    there are two main definitions of 'adult' in my book. there is the legal definition, which is of course decided by your age. and there is the non-legal definition, which is decided by either your personal feelings on your own adulthood, or a combination of yours and others feelings on your adulthood, usually based upon social and psychological ideas of 'you'. in more simpler terms: "growing old, doesn't mean you have to grow up." since you are still technically both a teen and an adult, I guess you are lucky enough to have both titles? sure wish I could go back to 19!

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    Being an adult or a teen, doesn't mean you can't post in the other forum. I post in both.

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    If you weren't allowed to see the posts in the Teen Baby section then moo would simply set it up to block access to anyone over 18. Because when you sign up for adisc you have to disclose your age, at least birth year. However the main reason why adults can view/see the TB section is because we may have advice to share and offer fresh prespective's on things. It also goes the other way sometimes or teens can offer fresh perspective's as well in AB/Mature Topic sections.

    In any case Adisc was specifically made to be a place where AB/TB/DL/IC/Babyfur can hang out together, rather then having like 6 different sites with different rules and different users.

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    yeah I do all the time and no one minds

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    I *just* posted about this on another topic lots of us must be thinking the same thing... I'm not a teen, but until recently I was living with friends and family so I had to deal with the same issues, so I used the TB tag in my Profile. I'd imagine that was fine, since I'd called it out, and if I was talking to someone that may have believed I was in their peer/age group I let them know why.

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    If you find good information on the site that you can learn from and relate to then go for it. The more you know about yourself the happier you will be.

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    Hehe, yeah, I understand that we can post anywhere if we like. ^_^

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    I enjoy both as well as all sections here. I do make a point if posting in the teen section to make it clear though not grown up yet I'm really 52.

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    By all means don't worry about posting on the Teen Baby section just because you're 19. I'll certainly read posts from there, and occasionally comment if it calls for advise. Normally I don't respond because I want to give other teens the opportunity to express themselves and to help each other. Sometimes, and oftentimes, what is discussed doesn't apply to me, but I enjoy seeing what's going on. I teach junior high students, so it can help me understand them a little better. Our younger members all know who I am, and that I'm older, so if I do respond, they know where I'm coming from. I love the fact that they are so accepting. And when all is said and done, I'm just a kid inside, trying to break out of this stupid, aging body.

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