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    Arrow Cloth Covered Diaper Review....

    I just tried some new samples and wanted to share. I was trying more cloth covered diapers to see if I would like to change up my normal routine of pull or Walgreen’s for the day, and Dry 24-7 at night. The results were as seen below.

    Abri “Super” Air+ This was very comfie and did hold through the night though it was very saggy and did not feel structurally secure once used. They did not leak so I will give them high point for volume but did not feel like I could have had it on for a long period of time. I had hoped that they would be refasinable, though they are not. Price $1.11-1.14 each

    Attends Extended Ware: also Very comfy and worded well at work. Quite and held a bit more then one use. They were also reafasenable so I will give those points also on this. Price $2.14-2.20 Though I think that Magic medical may have them as low as .92 each, though it is listed as a different name so I do not know that they are the same thing at that defense of a price.

    Abri x+ Air+: I wore to bed and was able to keep it on for a while after that. No leaks, and while it did sag a bit it was more secure then that of the Super. It holds as much as the 24/7 as far as I can tell. Also I had hoped that they would be refasinable, though they are not. Price $1.79-1.91 each

    Walgreen’s: Price .75 each
    Dry 24/7: $ 1.04 each

    I really did like both the Attends Extended Ware and the x+ Air+ but they do not really do anything more then my normal routine. And as for comfort there is not that much of a change. My Walgreen’s and pulls are cloth coved and the 24/7s are a soft plastic. With all of this I do not see paying the huge price difference for such small defenses. I would recommend them to those that wear only on occasion though those of us that wear most of the time to 24/7 I would say there is little difference and it is not worth the price to upgrade.

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    Nice review, LG! Please put this in the Wiki if you haven't already.

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    Ok here is the thing, I have no idea how to go about doing any of that, is it just like posting here or is there a how to for the process?

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    First off, nice review LuvsGurl. I've been tempted to try the Abena 'Air' diapers, and was wondering if they were worth the extra price (which I might be willing to pay if the were refastenable--seriously, that's the only reason I'd be more interested in them over the plastic covered variety). Guess they aren't so I'm not as tempted now.

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvsGurl View Post
    Ok here is the thing, I have no idea how to go about doing any of that, is it just like posting here or is there a how to for the process?
    And I second this. I tried putting a couple diaper reviews of mine in the Wiki a while back, and while I could find (and understand) the instructions for editing an existing article, I couldn't figure out how to post a completely new article. Can anybody direct me to the instructions for posting a new article, because I have looked and can't seem to find any.

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    Thank you Luvsgurl for posting the review of those breathable diapers.

    To add a page in the Wiki, search for the page title you are wanting to create. If it does not exist, it gives you the option to create it. To link the new page to the Diaper Review Page, post "[[Category:Diaper reviews]]" at the end of the page on its own line.

    Please be specific on the Diaper page name to ensure it is specific enough to not be confused with another similar diaper. Someone posted a review of a "Molicare" diaper without specifing if it was a super or super plus.

    Just to verify I knew how to create a page, I already made the Abri Air page and made it listed on the Diaper Review page.

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