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Thread: Packing up- it's never easy: Moving next week after 16 years!

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    Default Packing up- it's never easy: Moving next week after 16 years!

    For the past few days, I've been packing things up such as my vast pennant collection, my ballcaps, baseballs and other items I've collected over the years. Recently, I got lucky to get into a new apartment and I am looking forward to it because it's a bigger place, quieter and I can be more organized.

    However, in the process, I've been thinking about the good times and bad times I've had in my apartment that I've lived in since 1996.

    I was wondering if anyone else here on ADISC went through emotions, thinking about the good times and bad times you've had in your home of years, like your first apartment, first home or anything else you lived in for a long period of time.


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    It's funny that this topic came up. I was thinking about posting one tonight, because I just spent the last two days (and tomorrow) moving. My job just split me between two national parks, and my lease ended in my current place as well. Basically I had to move into a house at a new park, and into a new apartment in the town I currently live in. I moved from one place into two places, one in my current town, and one in the new park. I will be spending half the week in one place, and the other half in another.

    I am really struggling emotionally with having to move, because of a few things. First, I am having to give up a place that is really nice, is big, and holds a lot of cherished memories. I lived here for about a year, and my very recently ex-girlfriend lived with me last summer for about 2 months. I have a large amount of cherished memories in this place. Second, I know that living in national parks is a very rare experience that many do not get to have, and I understand the significance of that, but I really want to move to a larger city at this point in my life. I am really starting to miss easy access to concerts, bars, sporting events, theater, symphony, jazz clubs, variety of potential significant others, etc. I have lived in a couple of parks now, and they truly are magical, and I appreciate that, but still, I want a change of pace. Third, I am now split between two homes, I am not liking the idea of having my stuff split between two places (both physical things, and intangible things). Fourth, both places I am moving to I feel are not as good as the place I currently have, one is a smaller apartment in the town I live now, and the other is in a less populated place and I will have roommates.

    I normally don't have a hard time moving into new places, but I am very conflicted with this move. I am potentially moving forward in a career & economically, but I also feel like I am moving backward emotionally and developmentally into a situation that isn't exactly where I want to go.

    Needless to say I am having a very hard time giving my place up, and I understand how easy it is to become emotionally invested into a place.

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    Groan. After my mum died recently, I'm probably gonna have to sell the family home. My dad died about 10 years ago too, and I can still imagine us all together, and all the good times we had. I can look at the bench on the patio and remember how all four of us tried to squeeze in for a self-timed photo, with my dad running back from the camera to get in frame, making a joke, and then seeing the photo of all four of us rolling about with laughter. And the vegetable patch where I planted courgette and tomato plants for my mum when she was too ill to do it herself... and how she smiled at me for taking her mind off things as we chatted and joked in the spring sunshine...

    When I move out, it'll feel like I'm cutting off my link with the past. I'll be on my own and there will be nothing to tie me to my history... It'll feel almost like it never happened... just a happy fantasy that will never be real again.

    So, yeah... I know what you mean about feeling sentimental about your home... It may just be a pile of bricks, but so much has happened inside those bricks... And when you see those bricks, the memories just come flooding back...

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    *sigh* I can't say that I've ever really felt at home. I've moved around a lot -- but there was one place where I moved in to a house with friends, there were five of us. We lived there for a few years and eventually everyone had to move on for work and life. We all moved out at the same time, so we packed for days and days then the last day we all ate a chinese-food delivery dinner on the floor. We didn't say a lot, but we were all thinking the same thing: the next morning we were all going to leave and go our separate ways.
    We did try to laugh and reminisce a little, typically trying not to think about the morning that was coming to split us up.
    Out of all my moves, of course, knowing that it was a bit of a family that I was leaving, that was the worst.
    Good luck with your move, WildThing, RangerR. Here's hoping you land soft and it's better than you can imagine.

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    I moved out of my family home 19 years ago and most of the stuff I boxed up is still unpacked to this day.

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    I am packing up to move out of my familiy home where i have been staying for the last 8 years. my father passed in Nov and i have to move out so i can completely remodeled the house and one other house that faces the other street that he owned so i can sell them.

    I am not going to pack up to move again another home again as i am buying a 30 foot motor home so if i want to move again i can just unplug and move away to where ever i want.
    I will still stay at the family home just park in back till the homes are remodeled and sold.

    I will be able to live cheaper in the motor home as i am on a disability pension and may just travel around and play snowbird moving twice a year to the mountains in the summer and the desert in the winter.

    I have two places one in the mountains and one in the desert that i can park and stay without paying RV park rent and live very cheaply

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