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Thread: would pampers fit me?

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    Default would pampers fit me?

    I am a size 26 jeans and I weigh 120 pounds and I am 15

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    yes they would i would eather get size 6 because size 7 is for a waist of 32 inches just to let u know

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    cruisers, size 6, or 7 should fit you fine.
    im 21 and they fit me. and if the tapes dont want to stay duck tape is always helpful.

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    i wear pampers size 7 mostly

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    Alright thanks everyone I will have my mommy pick me some up tomorrow

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    Age and weight have nothing to do with how well baby diapers would fit. Hip and thigh size will have a much more serious impact.

    that said baby diapers are made for babies, not teenagers or adults. So be careful if you get a idea to actually use them.

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