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    Would you like to be famous knowing your fetish would probably hit papers extremely? Would you still go for being a musician or an actor of some sort? Just a thought.

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    Yes, I would like to be famous. You would have to do some serious spin control, but what an opportunity to let the world know how cool this could really be.

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    What a good question. I am well known in my community as both a church musician, and a past rocker. Now I am forging similar ground with my writing. I Googled myself and my short Nook Book story, and I came up on Yahoo Answers. Someone listed my story ahead of Stephen King.

    I do hope to publish my novel when it's completed, and I hope to find a book publisher along with an agent. The book has the potential, or so I've been told. If I do become nationally well known, I will have to weather whatever storm may arise should someone probe. Usually, no one cares about authors, however.

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    it depends on what im famous for.

    theres people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardaishian who are "famous for being famous". Then famous people because they actually did something useful or have some real talent. In the latter cases it shouldn't matter in all honesty. Plus i think the people who get outraged over anything are a somewhat small minority. Most people just go about their days.

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    I really want make music and get a book published one day. If that makes me famous, I would gladly take any "hits" on my character if my fetish comes to light. It is only a problem if people make it/take it as one.

    A lot of media finds ONE thing about a celebrity and uses it to define them, and people go along with it. I wish more would understand that sexuality is not the entire make-up of one's being.

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    Fame sounds like a little slice of Hell to me. Wealth is another thing entirely, but I much prefer being able to pass generally unnoticed.

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    If I was gonna be famous it would have to be something that I did instinctively amazingly well. If I was a musician and got up on stage and just started catching frets on fire playing my heart out and I got famous for that then it'd be cool.

    As for staying under the radar, I don't think it would be a problem for me!

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    The thing I'd consider is... what kind of newspapers would this kind of story hit? No one I care about (and no one with a brain), is likely to read that sort of gutter press. And if anyone found out, they'd assume it was just a journalist or PR agent fabricating a story (or you'd done it deliberately for the publicity). Everyone knows that most "celebrity" news is made up anyway, so I imagine fame would make it a lot easier to get away with...

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