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    anybody like to fish and does anybody have a fishing boat

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    I don't fish but I have two boats. And a boating license.

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    I'm not patient enough to fish. I don't have my own boats either but I'm a lifeguard and know very well how to pilot boats and get regular practice in bad weather (beach, waves etc.)

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    I grew up on the water and have fished all of my life. When I got married, my wife's family had built a cottage up in Canada, so we went up there for many years, and did a ton of fishing. All of my family fishes. I love the fact the you throw your line out into the water, and you never really know what's done there, or what you may catch. Sometimes, it catches you.

    My mother in law went out fishing in the ocean with her husband, my father in law. She hooked into a big one and fought it for hours. They were in a 14 ft. boat at the time. When she finely brought it along side the boat, my father in law got the landing net out, but then he took out his lock blade and cut the line. He said nothing but started the motor and headed into shore. My mom in law got mad and demanded to know why he did that. When he got safely in he told her that the fish she hooked was a tiger shark much larger than their boat. And that is a true fish story.

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