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    my name is michael i am 22 how is everyone doing i am also a babyfur diaperfur my parrents do not accept that part of my life the all say all babyfur diaperfurs are perverted and gay i wanted to say i do not think that is true. just introducing my self and i would like to meet new people

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    Hi! Well welcome, its good to meet you. I'm a babyfur, and i'm straight, and as all babyfurs i know, not perverted, so I guess there is one to put down in your defense. Anyhow, what do you like to do, and how long have you been a babyfur, do you know what kind of animal you are?

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    i am a 2 year old dragon who was never potty trained and has to wear diapers but i can be any age but i am a dragon who wears diapers since i was 13 i also like to go flyfishing hikeing in the woods pay on the computer and i also like to play sports

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    I liketo flyfish too, but i've already left you a comment about that on your page.

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    Hello! How have you been?

    Not trying to be annoying but didn't you make a thread about the same sort of thing 4 weeks ago? It's only on the second page of the Babyfur/Diaperfur section too:

    I'm sorry if I'm being too mean or if you knew that

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