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Thread: Biggest Swell- up Diaper Ever

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    Default Biggest Swell- up Diaper Ever

    The biggest swell-up diaper in the world is Euronform Super Plus. Do you think this claim is true? The biggest swelling diaper that I really like a lot is Tena Slip Maxi but it is hard to obtain in the USA. Albena M4 is the greatest that I have found so far in the USA for now but as we know the switch to cloth is on hold for the moment for the USA market. Soon we will not be able to get Abena M4 in a plastic cover. So now what do we do in the future for the biggest swelling-up diaper in the USA with a plastic covering?

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    I like swelling briefs, but the M4 clumps up too much for me. I'd rather go with an M3. I have a 2 pack of Fabine diapers in the mail right now, can't wait to try them out!

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    Dry24 swells up fairly well.. The fabines didn't swell too much, they are like 99% SAP ..

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    More SAP more swell. Tranquility ATN isn't great in absorbancy but it is a great diaper for swelling. I was thinking a Tranquility diaper with a Bambino Quatro booster might be very nice.

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    The European Attends 10 Regular Slp diaper swells pretty well too! It starts of life incredibly thin, and virtually unnoticeable under jeans, but on the flip side, once you start using it, it drinks and drinks and drinks!

    Completely different league to the North American Attends products that I have tried.

    Happy swelling dear friends!

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    For a baby diaper the late CVS Explorers had more SAP than any adult diaper I've tried and the swell & gell like mad in the tub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynABDL View Post
    I like swelling briefs, but the M4 clumps up too much for me. I'd rather go with an M3. I have a 2 pack of Fabine diapers in the mail right now, can't wait to try them out!
    Really? I just got a case of both the M3's and the M4's. I have worn a few of each so far and found that the M3's got very squishy and gelly like after 3-5 wettings, the M4's never really got all that squishy but they got very heavy and a lot thicker and thats after 6 wettings, they are my first real adult diapers because I don't count depends anymore because I now realize how badly they suck (depends are terrible get some Abena's if you guys get the chance --> lol.)

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    This can be hard to say. It depend how match you experiencing it on you own. What you think its the right. I think the Bambino and the Fabina diaper make a good work on that. But all diaper get bigger when you wet them.

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    It seems the Fabina and the wellness diaper, and Bambino are the biggest swell diapers based on this discussion.

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    I personally think my dry 24/7s and bambinos swell bigger

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